What Really Killed The Dinosaurs? what i remember from elementary school

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What Really Killed The Dinosaurs? what i remember from elementary school Empty What Really Killed The Dinosaurs? what i remember from elementary school

Post by redpill on Tue Oct 02, 2018 1:00 pm

Tue Oct 02, 2018

when i was a young boy of the 1970s and 80s i was interested in dinosaurs, the common ones like t-rex and triceratops. in 2018

i now know that many "dinosaurs" like dimetrodon pterodactyls ichystaurs aren't strictly speaking dinosaurs in a scientific way

in second grade i still remember my second grade elementary school teacher briefly talking about.

the one thing i do remember clearly is that girls didn't seem to have any interest in the subject at all.

to be fair there were plenty of boys more interested in sports and when i was growing up it was baseball.

this was BEFORE michael jordan was drafted by the chicago bulls

but of the few kids who were interested in dinosaurs, they were all boys, including me.

what i still remember and again this was late 70s, was the question of What Really Killed The Dinosaurs?

why did they go extinct. it was a mystery. this was BEFORE the asteroid theory.

i remember clearly my second grade teacher asking us this, then telling us it could have been disease,

they ran out of food, the mammals ate their eggs. they were dumb, climate changed, those were the explanations offered.

in church we learn of noah's flood so i thought that the dinosaurs were too big to fit on noah's ark, when the flood came

they all drowned. if any survived there was no food. church was clearly teaching noah's flood as an actual event in history

and noah and his ark as real people and real events.

in the middle 80s i learned and was popularized in the press the asteroid theory. an asteroid smashed into earth

and that killed the dinosaurs, and that would have been a bad weekend for them.

in the 90s there were movies asteroid and deep impact about the idea of an asteroid killing modern human life.

it certainly would be a bad weekend and there are doomsday preppers preparing for this possibility.

today Tue Oct 02, 2018 12:44 pm

i click on news

Think An Asteroid Killed The Dinosaurs? Some Scientists Aren't So Sure

What Really Killed The Dinosaurs?

in some ways this kinda reminds me of IDI vs RDI in Jonbenet

dinosaurs are dead. what happened?

Jonbenet is dead. what happened?

at the same time as the asteroid impact, there were volcanos in deccan india, and so the other theory a tiny minority

of geologists are promoting is that volcanic activity caused dinosaur extinction.

there are those who promote both, that the asteroid triggered volcanic activity

The prevailing theory says a meteorite led to the demise of the dinos. But Gerta Keller, a longtime geologist and paleontologist, isn’t buying it, and says volcanoes were the real culprit.

but i was in elementary school where we talked about what made the dinosaurs extinct. i don't recall any girls having

the least concern about this mystery, though again most boys were interested in sports, i did wonder and i favored

the noah's flood theory at the time. in the late 80s the theory an asteroid wiped them out was first introduced, after

i finished elementary school and was nearing high school. now in 2018 the theory volcanos may have wiped them out

is also being promoted.

with dinosaurs most paleontolgists agree with the asteroid theory, and a minority the volcano theory.

with jonbenet most are rdi, though none of them are actual forensic scientists, and a minority intruder theorists, many of

whom like myself are familiar with the relevant scientific issue.

funny how time works.

when the elementary school second grade teacher was asking us what happened to the dinosaurs

it was the "present". and now that was decades ago. for me. i still remember though.

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