it was a dark and stormy night sequels and expanded universe for Jess of the Triangle

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it was a dark and stormy night sequels and expanded universe for Jess of the Triangle

Post by redpill on Thu Oct 25, 2018 8:44 pm

Thu Oct 25, 2018

halloween is coming AND it is a dark and stormy night where i live on Thu Oct 25, 2018

the drizzle is now rain

thinking of Jess and the Triangle

i was thinking how nice it would be to put all the murderers and bad people on that aelous with jess.

jess will know what to do. it's the only way you can save your son.

some "sequel" idea

some movie franchises like terminator aliens final destination, the sequels are basically identical to the previous, with some variation

i can't say whether final destination will break the pattern in its next sequel, but if it doesn't i won't watch it except on dvd

in the beginning you see a disaster, and then the main character experiences it as a premonition and saves some lives as the disaster unfolds, but every life saved then dies gruesomely.

with jess and the triangle, i guess they could make sequels that are basically identical, but being creative,

jess and her friends

could board the boat

which then takes them to an island like LOST. or it could hit an ice berg and sink like Titanic. or it could collide with another boat, or dinosaurs come flying in.

or maybe the Aelous has an alien xenomorph on the ship which starts killing them, with only jess alive.

or they board the aelous and like cloverfield monsters start popping out, akin to cloverfield lane

or they boad the aelous and they meet both copies of jess, so all 3 jesses meet and then things happen. greg and the others have to figure out which jess to trust and which is lethal

heather might be on another boat lost in the triangle like uss cyclops

and the 2 boats collide.

i'm not sure what story would most captivate audiences, but a sequel doesn't have to be identical to the previous version.

or it could be like final destination

jess and her friends board the boat, she has a premonition and saves them, only for death to wipe each one out, only for the whole circle to repeat itself with jess and her son, she tries to save her friends but then her son dies and realizes that she wants to try to save her son from death

a final destination triangle cross over

or jess tries to break the cycle and save tommy life, only for tommy to die some other way, and then jess remembers that if she kills her friends greg sally doweny victor, then tommy might come to life, so she hunts them down like a serial killer

since the movie was made in 2009, all the actors are now 11 years older than in that movie

i think they could vary the story a dozen or so times until in the very last movie, in the last moment of that movie

jess accepts tommy is dead, its impossible to save tommy, and that she has herself died, death takes her to the land of the dead

and it finally comes to an end.

death is final, jess has to choose between total extinction via death, or going through the loop and being alive in some way.

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