Burke Ramsey vs Suzie Ratcliffe

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Burke Ramsey vs Suzie Ratcliffe

Post by redpill on Sat Apr 18, 2015 11:21 am

this is the younger sister Suzie Ratcliff of missing and presumed murder victim Joanne Ratcliffe pictured above on the left


"The monster behind our pain robbed us not only of a dearly loved daughter but a sister, friend and confidante. My sister was kidnapped 14 months before I was born so I never got to know her, but through all that I have learnt from family I know I would have loved her dearly. Not only did this monster destroy our lives by taking Joanne, but in the long run I  feel it ultimately killed my father too. You see he passed away in 1981 due to cancer, and we (and the doctors) believe it was thru stress. If only someone would come forward just so we could lay her soul to rest and feel
it would lay my fathers soul to rest as well. I am sure wherever he is, he lays tormented with the loss of my sister.

Reading your website helps me get through the hurt and pain especially as the anniversary of her disappearance and birthday bring so many thoughts of her. My heart truly goes out to all the families living through this torment, and hope that theirs does not last as long as ours.

Regards, Suzie Ratcliffe"

"Joanne Ratcliffe aged 11 years old - 25th of August 1973, the day that ripped apart the hearts of my family..... 36 years may have passed but not a day goes by that you are not remembered and loved by those you left behind. If I could turn back the clock Jo I would take your place, to have you back in the arms of family where you belong. Instead of the cold heartless place you were taken to. I will never rest and never give up hope of finding you and bringing you home. You belong with us... we miss you so much sissy. They say the pain starts to fade in time, but they didn't tell us how long that time will take. RIP sweetheart, forever in my heart you will never be forgotten. Your loving sister Suzie xxxxxxx" - 2009

"Another year passes and yet we are still no closer to finding my beloved sister Joanne. 38 years have now passed and we still miss Jo like it was yesterday. I will never give up hope, I will never up the fight, to bring her home where she belongs. My heart breaks just a little more each year. Please if someone out there knows something, anything that may lead us to where she is buried, please come forward so se can finally lay her at peace. My ultimate wish is to bring her home. "

- Suzie, 2011

here she makes an interview

So that's how Suzie feels about her sister's murder.
So uh what does Burke Ramsey feel about his sister?

I understand that the 1 important difference between the 2 is that Suzie is not a suspect but Burke is.

Burke is a suspect, and James Kolar's theory was he killed Jonbenet.

Still. Joane Ratcliffe was abducted on August 25, 2015. Those comments and the interview were made in 2009-2014. In 2014 they dug at a property looking for her remains some 40 years after the events. 1973-2014  40 years!

after 40 years Suzie Ratcliffe still thinks of her sister she lost.  apparently Suzie wasn't even born when her sister was abducted and presumed murdered.

"Hello. I'm Suzie Ratcliffe and my sister was kidnapped 42 years ago from the Adelaide Oval."


I wonder in 42 years whether Burke will comment on his sister. I understand Burke is the prime suspect of his sister's murder so that could account some of the differences. I would still like to see and hear him deny it and his parents involvement, talks bout how he misses his sister and demands his sisters killer be found and brought to justice, and tell exactly what he remembers that night.

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