crime scene reenactment part 1

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crime scene reenactment part 1

Post by redpill on Mon Nov 09, 2015 9:41 pm

Suspect to address the RDI myth that there is no evidence of an intruder, use the Forensic. Forensic science in crime scene reconstruction.

one way to reconstruct a crime is crime scene reenactment

the issue is whether is it possible to re-enact the jonbenet crime scene with forensically trained scientists using an actor as an intruder, with various items like a high-tec boot, brown cotton gloves, dark blue towel, cord, tape and reproducing all of the trace evidence found at the Jonbenet crime scene. if the answer is yes, then doing the same experiment with the parents, but using items only found in the home.

which better explains unsourced evidence found at the crime scene.

it's really that simple. the answer is intruder theory  Like a Star @ heaven  Like a Star @ heaven  Like a Star @ heaven  Like a Star @ heaven

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