a family is killed in a train-car crash, one 4 year old girl sole survivor church

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a family is killed in a train-car crash, one 4 year old girl sole survivor church

Post by redpill on Tue Jun 28, 2016 10:55 pm

What a Face

4-year-old survives train-minivan collision that killed her ...
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Abigail, 6, Heidi, 4, Kathryn, 2, and Ellianna, 8

Girl, 4, sole family member to survive van-train crash in Colorado
ap wrote:
Published: 06/27/16 09:52 pm EDT.

A 4-year-old girl was the only member of her family to survive after their minivan was hit by an Amtrak train at a crossing with a history of problems in southern Colorado.

The girl was hospitalized with serious injuries after the Southwest Chief train headed from Chicago to Los Angeles slammed into the van as it drove across the tracks Sunday morning near Trinidad, about 15 miles from the New Mexico border. Hospital officials would not release information on her condition on Monday.

Trooper Art Gumke of the Colorado State Patrol said the girl's father, 32-year-old Stephen Miller, who was driving the 2005 Chrysler Town & Country, and his wife, Christine Miller, 33, of Trinidad were killed along with their three other daughters, aged 6, 2 and 8 months. He said the minivan was moving at the time of the crash and was not stuck.

Everyone inside the van was wearing a seatbelt or in a child seat, officials said,CBS affiliate KKTV reported.

The Millers were on their way to church at the time.

"When they didn't show up for church, we were worried about what was going on," Keith Schlabach, Christina Miller's cousin, told The Denver Post. "We thought they were broken down or something. One of the other guys was driving back from church toward Steve's house to see what happened, and then he got to the tracks."

The crossing is marked only with signs, but a proposal to add flashing lights and gates has been in the works since late 2013, according to a plan first reported by The Denver Post.

Las Animas County commissioners approved a joint application for the work with the state just two weeks ago. But the proposal still has to be approved by the state Public Utilities Commission before work can start, county administrator Leeann Fabec said. The work is expected to cost about $230,000, Colorado Department of Transportation spokeswoman Amy Ford said.

The crossing was identified for improvements as part of ongoing work with counties and railroads to fix problem crossings, she said.

There have been six other accidents between vehicles and trains at the same crossing in the last 30 years, including one other fatal crash in 2010, according to Federal Railroad Administration records.

Parents, 3 sisters killed in Colo. Amtrak crash; girl, 4, sole survivor
abc news wrote:
The Latest on the deadly crash between a minivan and an Amtrak train in Colorado (all times local):

10:45 a.m.

A 4-year-old girl is the sole survivor of a crash between a minivan and an Amtrak train that killed her parents and three sisters in southern Colorado.

The Colorado State Patrol says the girl was hospitalized with serious injuries after the train headed from Chicago to Los Angeles hit the van as it drove across the tracks Sunday. The crash happened at a railroad crossing in a rural area near Trinidad, about 15 miles from the New Mexico border.

Trooper Art Gumke says the crossing is marked with signs but doesn't have gates to stop vehicles.

The girl's parents were identified as 32-year-old Stephen Miller and 33-year-old Christina Miller of Trinidad. Their daughters, ages 6, 2 and 8 months, also died.

A fundraising webpage says they were headed to church at the time.

this happened Sunday June 26, 2016. I'm a little unclear if he was on the tracks and didn't see the train coming? Suspect

this was the reason they were on the road Sunday morning

The Millers were on their way to church at the time.

so they were going to go to

to worship

when all but  1 4 year old girl met

the lone survivor is in red circle

i suspect the father was distracted ?

so....a good christian father married to church going good christian mother with 4 beautiful daughters, going to CHURCH of all places, CHURCH. He seems like a good guy, didn't do drugs or alcohol, worked paid his taxes, raising 4 beautiful daughters as Christians who go to Church good to his wife, and

to worship god

4 year old Heidi will never know her sisters nor her parents. No

if Heidi's family elected not to go to church that morning, they'd still be alive Suspect

so going to church and worshiping god and praying to jesus, didn't spare them from accidental death No

i wonder if this will effect Heidi's belief in god and jesus. i wonder if she gets older she will look at this and realize her life got messed up and it seems jesus didn't save her family. or if puts her on a path to drugs or something worse.

he must have been a regular since this sunday was not a holiday like easter or christmas, but the other church goers immediately noticed he didn't show up, so they literally drove to his house to ask what was happening. that's when they saw them on the tracks struck by the train, so they immediately called 911. i guess the train may have also called. so thats very close knit that they notice he didn't show up and he should have.

just a couple weeks ago Lauren Seitz, 18 was with her church, her church took her to a trip to a water park, and she contracted and died from the brain eating ameoba

18-year-old Lauren Seitz died after a church mission trip.

i would at least consider church and prayer and jesus if it lowered your risk of death
or some guarantee of a happy afterlife

going to church can cost you your life! pale pale pale pale

if they all somehow survived, they could tell the church it was a miracle from god/jesus, who saved them. they could travel all over the country about their miracle. they could raise their 4 daughters to be good christian girls in the christian faith, worshippping god and jesus. their 4 daughters can bring nonbelievers to christ, which the bible says its what god wants.

instead, they're dead. No

why go to church and take a chance of getting killed in a traffic/train/car accident or road rage, or going on a trip with church and getting the brain eating amoeba?  Rolling Eyes  Shocked  Shocked

If you only knew the POWER of the Daubert side

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