star wars rebels season 3 episode 1 i'm the one in the middle the bendu

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star wars rebels season 3 episode 1 i'm the one in the middle the bendu

Post by redpill on Tue Sep 27, 2016 7:23 pm

one reason why i like star wars so much is i actually dig semi-religious semi-mystical talk. star wars rebels season 3 episode 1

they introduce a new category of force users, the bendu, an ancient order that strives to be in the middle.


heard the call through the force, then met the bendu, an ancient order of force users unrelated to jedi and sith.

the bendu said the disturbance woke him from a deep sleep.

kanan was complaining he lost his sight - due to his fight with Maul.

bendu said he doesn't need eyes and physical vision, he can "see" using the force, and offered him ideas.

there were these spider creatures

giving kanan problems so kanan used a stick to ward them off

the bendu took the stick and broke it. he told him to face his fears, and the spider only sense kanaans emotional distress. by remaining calm the spiders won't attack them.

i dig this. sadly the force isn't real in our universe.

kanan gave the bendu the sith holocron ezra was learning from.

a running theme is that the dark side is a quick path to power. ezra was learning ancient forbidden knowledge from a sith holocron. he was getting very angry and impulsive and made rash decisions that put his life and those he cared about in danger. the theme is that while dark side and anger is a quick path to power, it causes recklessness.

sadly the force isn't real, in the real world you may need anger and aggression to protect yourself from dangerous predators and psychopaths.

when i listen to bendu discuss the force with kanan, it's kinda what i have in mind when i think of what religion should be like. not like the bs stories in the bible like samson.

here sifu talks about finding inner peace

whereas the bible talks about eternal hellfire for nonbelievers and second coming and rapture consisting of 4 horsemen of the apocalpyse, just bs

bendu is an ancient order unrelated to the jedi and sith. in episode 8 the producers have made it clear snoke is not a sith, nor kylo ren. the sith order died with sidious and vader. snoke is an ancient order of dark siders unrelated to sith - at least that's the current version. perhaps they may change their mind by episode 8.

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