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it was a dark and stormy night - Fri/Sat Apr 10, 2021

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it was a dark and stormy night - Fri/Sat Apr 10, 2021 Empty it was a dark and stormy night - Fri/Sat Apr 10, 2021

Post by redpill Sat Apr 10, 2021 12:48 am

Fri/Sat Apr 10, 2021

tonight it was a dark and stormy night

I don't have any UFO or bigfoot or ghost stories to tell.

at least none of my own.

I've watched paranormal caught on camera and aliens in Alaska and both shows feature UFO and bigfoot videos that seem pretty convincing to me.

I've spent a lot of time sky watching and thus far no UFO's.

in a recent episodes they depicted some bigfoot footage, including 2 from Utah.

well i see lightening out the window as i type this. not a ufo to be sure.

i learned from aliens in alaska that bigfoot is called outside man, this show often has actual video from witnesses.

watching this show i sometimes wonder if i should move to alaska but wow so cold there.

it is still cool weather now, but of course summer is coming.

in some ways cold is better for me as i use my garage as a second refrigerator. i've debated whether i should buy another fridge or not.

my house warms better in the summer than cools in the summer but my gas bill in the winter is more expensive than the electrical bill in the summer.

my a/c only cools my house to around 80F noticeable. i use fans to make it feel cooler.

one reason i'm interested in UFos is that i hope one can heal my mother and make her normal again.

unsolved mysteries had an episode where a woman claimed a ufo healed her of cancer. i look up to the sky and ask if there are any ufo's out there to come visit me for a healing.

so far no luck.

there was an old outerlimits episode from the showtime 90s era i saw back in the day an alien in the form of a christian preacher was healing and gaining a huge following, to the dismay of an actual human preacher. this alien preacher was using advance alien technology to effect miracle healing. in reality he was transforming into a vampire like alien and was eating women, turning them to a steaming pile of goo.

i want the healing part, not turning my mother into a pile of goo. outerlimits had some really far out there ideas.

i'm heading off to bed soon

i plan to step outside look at the sky, and again ask if there are any ufo's out there to reveal themselves and if they can come help me before sleeping.

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