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I got letter in mail, my mother's primary doctor is retiring July 1, 2021

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I got letter in mail, my mother's primary doctor is retiring July 1, 2021 Empty I got letter in mail, my mother's primary doctor is retiring July 1, 2021

Post by redpill Thu May 13, 2021 10:55 pm

Thu May 13, 2021 10:35 pm

today, seemingly out of left field, my mother's doctor i believe of 6 years, perhaps longer, sent me a letter in the mail.

He states he is retiring July 1, 2021

For me it is out of left field since in March 2021 when I made the appointment, I made it for July 7, 2021 with no suggestion from him he'd be retired before then.

I called his office to reschedule before July 1, 2021, for one last time, and give him a retirement card. of course I'll have to find another primary care.

He of course looks like he's about 65, but I was hoping it was more like 63 and maybe work for another 2 years, he is still sharp and talkative, not senile.

Kinda sad, I was hoping he'd be there until my mom dies hopefully of natural causes and painless. Now i have to start all over again with a new doctor.

My neighbor's daughter is graduating from high school and heading to college this year, and my mom's doctor is retiring.

So 2021 is a year of transition for me.

So I need to find a new doctor now.

just crazy how time is and how time works and how time marches on.

it seems only yesterday, around 2014 iirc, that my mom's previous primary doctor before this one, also retired. she did not have dementia at the time and saw the prior doctor for about 6 years.

obviously, we picked our current and past doctor based on in-network Aetna medicare and our copay for the past couple years for basic visits with primary care is zero. and of course i plan to pick another in-network doctor. why should i pay like $50 out of network?

i think the easiest way i hope is to find another doctor in that practice, same location, same office, that is in-network. of course i have to start all over, but the patient records should be in the clinic.

of course, it's also possible none of the doctors there are accepting new patients, and i will ultimately have to go to another clinic and practice entirely.

i'll find out in the next few days, i have made phone calls as soon as i got the letter in the mail.

i really wish he retired after my mom's last appointment.

I hope to have him see her so that i have another 3 months to find a new doctor. i have to try to reschedule in June 2021 which is also 3 months.

the one drug my mother takes, fluconazole, is for toe nail fungus, as my mom has toe nail fungus, and i am almost out of it, and that needs refill. I actualyl want to up the dose to 200mg from 100mg 1 per week.

it's crazy when in life you reach turning points. for my neighbor, their daughter is graduating from high school and entering college. i remember my own high school then college experience.

i had thought my doctor wouldn't retire for at least another year or two, and i suspect my mom probably will pass away by then. now i have to start all over again, and explain everything.

for the most part my mom's doctor lets me have my way, for example, i wanted my mom to take piolgitzone b/c its really cheap and my copay is zero, he initially objected on the grounds it causes bladder cancer but i told him my mom will die before that happens from alzheimer's.

the combination of metformin and pioglitzone, both free, is able to completely control my mom's diabetes with a1c around 5.3, with AMA recommendation of below 7.0

ah well. time to find a new doctor. if i can reschedule prior to july 1, 2021 that gives me another 3 months or so.

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