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I'm back, I called 911 and I had a heart attack

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I'm back, I called 911 and I had a heart attack  Empty I'm back, I called 911 and I had a heart attack

Post by redpill Mon Jun 10, 2024 9:19 pm

Mon Jun 10, 2024 8:09 pm

I ended up calling 911.

I told them I was having severe chest pain, and they immediately sent an ambulance.

The paramedics said my blood pressure was over 200/100 and my heart beat is over 100, and that my EKG said I am in atrial fibrillation and I'm having a heart attack. He told me he would inject me with midazolam and use adenosine to stop my heart, then restart my heart. I was increased risk of sudden cardiac death. my troponin levels were elevated indicating serious heart damage.

They told me I need to go to the ER. There I learn one of my coronary arteries is blocked and they punt a stent int.

They put me on blood thinners to. Shocked

They asked me questions about my medical history including if I used any recreational drugs like cocaine and I said no. So they feel this is a genetic type explanation.

One it was painful and two my whole life flashed before my eyes.


I'm now paranoid about setting this off again. They put me on cardizem (dialtizem)
which they said should reduce atrial fibrillation.

my days on earth are numbered Shocked

death by heart attack is a very scary and painful way to die. pale

I suspect drinking or eating very cold fluids and liquids causes a reflex in my heart to start pumping rapidly, which in this case went out of control, so no more ice cold anything.


I'm not wondering, if this happened while i was hiking in the woods, would paramedics find me? Or grocery shopping at Walmart, or in the Mall.

High 90F summer heat is coming later this weak, a heat front is entering my area, and I'm wondering if my heart will again race in the extreme heat.


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