my thoughts on Burke Ramsey lawsuit against CBS and Dr Werner Spitz

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my thoughts on Burke Ramsey lawsuit against CBS and Dr Werner Spitz

Post by redpill on Tue Oct 11, 2016 11:19 pm

Burke Ramsey is suing CBS and Dr Werner Spitz for defamation.

many news articles allow members to comment it and it seems 99% believe the CBS documentary to be factually accurate and its conclusion sound, that Burke or one of the R's murdered Jonbenet. They accept at face value the experts presented. they compare intruder theorists to OJ is innocent.

this is CBS statement

A statement attributed to CBS reads, "The Case of: JonBenét Ramsey was meticulously and responsibly researched, and its information was responsibly presented. CBS stands by the broadcast in every regard."

a simple visit either to wikipedia or skeptic's dictionary would immediately reveal that statement analysis is debunked and has no scientific forensic value, and that fbi offender profiling and profilers are also debunked. that means 4 of the 6 experts they featured have no credibility as witnesses.

regarding the 2 who do have the degrees

not to sign the indictments; and his characterization of docuseries contributors such as Dr. Spitz and Henry Lee, a scientist best known for his work on the O.J. Simpson case, as "television expert whores."

Dr Spitz never considers whether the head blow comes first or strangulation. He simply assumes head blow.

A&E had 6 pathologists and neurologists who consider this and concludes strangulation came first.

Henry Lee is a fame whore and was paid to claim trace evidence in OJ trial does not prove OJ did it.

Henry Lee of CBS and Lawrence Kobilinsky of A&E tv are similar credentials but diametrically opposite conclusions.

Lawrence Kobilinsky, is a credentialed forensic DNA and trace evidence expert and concludes the DNA evidence proves intruder theory. Henry Lee's own experiments showed when FBI CBS prosecutor turned profiler Jim Clemente handled the clothign and underwear, they were able to identify his DNA on the objects. Henry Lee provided no scenario that DNA from a factory underwear could be transferred by Jonbenet onto her leggings waist band, by Jonbenet while also not transferring John or Patsy or Burke DNA.

I think Burke can win. easily. the A&E documentary experts can easily rebut the 2 experts CBS presented. the other 4 are non-experts.

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