no honor among thieves - treachery is the way of the sith

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no honor among thieves - treachery is the way of the sith

Post by redpill on Fri Oct 14, 2016 9:41 pm

im watching

talk about no honor among thieves.

any feminists reading this, prepared to be redpilled.

one really close sith ladies were these 2

Phoebe Timmins and her ally Kristie Bennett celebrate Craig's elimination

Pheb's and Kristie were allies. they were fellow Aganoas on merged Vavu who took out Craig. They worked together.

then, when vavauu lost again, those 2 turned against one another. they each tried to throw the other under the bus.

ultimately it was kristie, shy and awkward, possibly Asperger's syndrome girl, who took out and killed the sith lord Kristie. Pheobe congratulated Kristie for her elimination.
it's funny how too faced these 2 are. i do think Phebs made a mistake, in wanting her former ally Kristie taken out, instead of working with Kristie to take out Sue, Kate or Conor. oh well. i wonder if sue kate and conor should have listened.

face of the sith

Kristie convinced Kate and Conor to kill the black widow Pheobe. after Pheb's elimination the tribes merged, then Kate turned on Kate and Connor and voted them out. And sue to.

Jennah-Louise Salkeld

approached kristie about an alliance, and kristie agreed. in the end each voted for the other and amazingly Jennah-Louise Salkeld was voted out. kristie is still alive.

Kristie brags about being a socially awkward loner with no friends, which she is, yet she dispatched countless minions. she is perhaps the phantom menace.

one thing that surprised me more than anything is that the game's closes friends and allies
Flick and Brooke

they met on day 1, they agreed to be friends on sanaapu day 1. they agreed to go to the end together as friends. each was cut from the same cloth - mean girls. each spoke how $500, 000 AU will change their lives.

they were friends. they had a bond. they made promises to one another never to vote the other.
that's what friends do.

no honor among thieves -  treachery is the way of the sith

flick turned on her friend confidant and closest ally brooke. she went and told the rival alliance of lee and el that brooke was gunning for them. lee and el then invited kristie to join, and all 3 voted for brooke. brooke sam and mat voted for el when lee won immunity.

i think brooke made a mistake in not targetting kristie first. oh well.

flick had the swing vote. if she voted el, 4-3 el goes. if she voted for her closest friend and ally brooke, brooke goes home 4-3

this is what happened

flick voted her best friend brooke out, before el, sam, lee, matthew kristie

this happened anywhere from 6- months ago to a year or more ago.

brooke was totally shocked when it happened, and totally blindsided.
she was angry at the time it happened.

she was asked about it now, oct 11 2016

Survivor's Brooke says she will NEVER forgive former best pal Flick
Daily Mail‎ - 2 days ago
They were inseparable friends from the very beginning of Australian Survivor, but after Flick ...

Brooke said she'll never forgive flick for her betrayal, the ultimate betrayal.

other news

Australian Survivor 2016's Brooke is left shocked after Flick votes ...
Daily Mail-Oct 10, 2016

Australian Survivor's Brooke Jowett slams 'mean girl' label amid ...
Daily Mail-Oct 11, 2016
And just days after Brooke Jowett revealed she has been subject to death threats, due to her ties to the controversial 'mean girls' alliance on the ...

Flick's reason is Brooke got too greedy with her power.

at the end of the day, if Flick wins she made a good decision. If Flick loses, it's hard to say for sure if it was a good decision or not.

IMO i don't think flick made a good decision, to give up your most trusted ally and an extra vote, to align with other contestants who are not as close to you as brooke was. but we'll see.
it's possible sam and matthew will want to get revenge and eliminate flick.

it's hard to say for sure what flick's reasons were, but i suspect she probably felt that 1- brooke might betray her at some point so take her out now or 2- if it is her and brooke at the final tribe council, the jury would award money to brooke rather than flick. the person she sacrificed brooke for is el, and its equally plausible the jury would award el over flick as brooke over flick. the other issue is brooke is a strong challenge performer, so its possible brooke will win immunity in the final challenges, then vote flick out. winning challenges and individual immunity often unifies the tribe to vote you out the moment you lose, which happened to brooke.

the only strong bond left is between el and lee, who apparently are bf / gf.

the one mistake brooke made i think is proposing lee rather than kristie. proposing lee gave flick an opportunity to tell lee brooke's plan, so lee and el can be aligned to vote brooke. the other mistake is trusting flick, rather than taking her out.

when kristie voted for brooke she called brooke the ice queen which hahahaha! true, but kristie is an ice queen herself.

Brooke if you're reading this, at least you're still alive even if you fell short from winning $500k
here in the us these 3 were friends

sheila eddy and rachel shoaf decided to kill their friend skylar neese as a fun thing to do. they lured her away from home on the promise of party and marijuna, they then turned on her and killed her. sheila eddy stabbed skylar more than 100times.

orange is the new black

flick betrayed your friendship and promise for $500k.

sheila eddy and rachel shoaf 2 teen lesbian lovers MURDERED their best friend skylar neese for fun and joy.

this show

has real life true crime stories of teen friends murdering their friends.

what i learned from watching survivor + true crime, is you can have a friend, a close friend you met on day 1, make promises to your friend, but in the end that person can betray you if it serves some interest of theirs. in this case money.

flick and brooke were friends. brooke trusted flick. flick betrayed brooke. brooke got voted out. months later brooke is still salty.

socially awkward and loner with no friends Kristie is still in the game

brooke never suspected flick.

flick is a sith. so's kristie

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