back to the future, the cubs win 2016 world series

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back to the future, the cubs win 2016 world series

Post by redpill on Thu Nov 03, 2016 9:01 pm

back in the day i saw back to the future

i love the idea of time travel.  esp since you only have 1 life to live and something like a car accident can kill u. apart from winning lotteries and what not, if i knew that an airplane i board or car i drive will result in a fatal accident, or someone wants to murder and torture you, i'd like to time travel to before the accident or murder and make a different choice.

like premonitions

in 80s back to the future predicted the cubs would win the 2015 world series, and they were off by 1 year. amazing!

how many cubs fan hoped to see this moment when their beloved team wins, only to have died before yesterday? nov 2, 2016

hopefully if they live on as souls they can rejoice in the afterlife

If you only knew the POWER of the Daubert side

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