Dr Jeffrey MacDonald & Dr. William Petit + Dr. Samuel Sheppard

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Dr Jeffrey MacDonald & Dr. William Petit + Dr. Samuel Sheppard

Post by redpill on Wed May 02, 2018 9:40 pm

thanks to People Magazine Investigates Connecticut Horror

I learned of

Dr. William Petit

I learned that Dr. Petit survived a home intruder, home invasion, but his wife and 2 daughters died.

I'm thinking huh, sounds familiar.

Dr. Dad and father lived, wife 2 daughters, 3 females died, in a home invasion.

why does this sound familiar

oh yeah now i remember

Dr Jeffrey MacDonald

his wife and 2 daughters were murdered at night at home

I'm not saying Dr. MacDonald is innocent or guilty at this time

but his story claiming hippies broke into his apartment and murdering his family, well there's Dr. William Petit and what happened to his wife and 2 daughters. 2 intruders broke into his home and killed his wife and 2 daughters, but Dr. Petit lived.

almost like deja vu. almost like a 2000's version of Dr. MacDonald.

certain key evidence such as skin under Collete's fingernail has been lost. DNA testing could tell us if it belonged to Jeffrey MacDonald, or someone in the family, or exclude them, would help decide which version of events is correct

Dr. Samuel Sheppard claimed an intruder murdered his wife Marilyn, but jury didn't buy it and he spent time in prison.

one objection to Dr. Jeffrey MacDonald's account is this, why did these 4 hippie acid is groovy kill the pigs intruders slaughter Collete and his 2 daughters, rather grisly i must say, but Dr. MacDonald only had 1 laceration that could be self-inflicted, in his lung collapsing it.

again, I'm not saying Dr. MacDonald is innocent or guilty at this time

but there are killers out there that think killing females is more fun than killing males. and keeping Dr. MacDonald alive he becomes the fall guy and main suspect.

From the Oklahoma girl scout murders to Abigail Williams to Liberty German, to Wanda Beach, there are killers who target females for murder. plus there's no requirement for murderes to be sane, these killers could be high on drugs, have mental illness, or warped thinking.

in some ways killing females due to fantasy is akin to a hate crime.

If Dr. MacDonald had died, it could be seen as a murder suicide, or an intruder murder, and in the latter case the 4 perps may have been concerned the long arm of the law will seek them out.

like the east area rapist.

Investigators of the 1970s did an ABO blood grouping test on the blood spatter, the problem is that the perps may also have ABO blood types, so DNA testing should be done on all blood spatter evidence to confirm all blood found came only from a member of the family


MacDonald's account
MacDonald told investigators that on the evening of February 16, he had fallen asleep on the living room couch. He told investigators that he did so because Kristen had been in bed with Colette and had wet his side of it. He was later awakened by Colette and Kimberly's screams.

Dr. Petit was also sleeping on his coach when the 2 intruders beat him senseless with a baseball bat, which amazingly didn't wake up the 3 females in the home.

Dr. Samuel Shepard was also sleeping on his coach when he heard Marlyn cry out.

moral of story, if you're a male doctor with 3 females, don't sleep on the coach.

He was later awakened by Colette and Kimberly's screams. As he rose from the couch to go to their aid, he was attacked by three male intruders, one black and two white. A fourth intruder, described as a white female with long blonde hair and wearing high heeled boots and a white floppy hat partially covering her face, stood nearby with a lighted candle and chanted, "Acid is groovy, kill the pigs." The three males attacked him with a club and ice pick. During the struggle, he claimed that his pajama top was pulled over his head to his wrists and he then used it to ward off thrusts from the ice pick. Eventually, he stated that he was overcome by his assailants and was knocked unconscious in the living room end of the hallway leading to the bedrooms.[7]

both Dr. Petit and Dr. Samuel Sheppard had similar testimony of what happened to them, when the intruders came.

this piece of evidence

Segal presented evidence that the CID had not properly managed the crime scene and lost several items of critical evidence, including the four torn tips of rubber surgical gloves found in the master bedroom, and a single layer of skin found under one of Colette's fingernails.

DNA testing on that skin which has been lost can tell us which version of events is correct, but was lost

some of the new evidence

, including three hairs found at the scene that don't match the family's DNA

this is the sort of evidence Forensic Files thrives on.

murder occured February 17, 1970, Dr Macdonald is still allive

DNA test results released by the Armed Forces DNA Identification Laboratory on March 10, 2006, showed that neither Stoeckley's nor Mitchell's DNA matched any of the tested exhibits. A limb hair found stuck to Colette's left palm matched MacDonald's DNA profile. It also matched hairs found on the bedspread from the master bed and on the top sheet of Kristen's bed. A hair found in Colette's right palm was sourced as her own. Three hairs, one from the bedsheet, one found in her body outline in the area of her legs, and one found beneath Kristen's fingernail did not match the DNA profile of any MacDonald family member or known suspec

if they can find whose DNA it belonged to and investigate them.

Cyril Wecht, same Cyril Wecht who claimed John Ramsey engaged in sex games with Jonbenet, thinks Dr. MacDonald is innocent, in this case, it was intruders.

I'm reading up on

and yes physical evidence and how that evidence fits with the story certainly matters.

its kinda hard to believe 4 intruders would hold candles, unless they were high on drugs, which is entirely possible

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