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kmart and sears remembered Empty kmart and sears remembered

Post by redpill on Mon Oct 15, 2018 11:56 pm

Mon Oct 15, 2018

today in the news there are reports that both kmart and sears declared bankruptcy.

growing up there was a popular joke
what did the bird say when it flew over kmart?
cheap cheap

growing up there was no target or walmart where i lived, but there was Kmart and Sears, along with A&M and Osco Drugs

my parents did buy school supplies, bookbags, notebooks, pencils at Kmart for me

iirc my parents also bought the microwave oven and items like sneakers and even blue jeans from Sears, and some appliances like garbage disposal.

iirc it was sears that my dad bought the Vectrex game system for me.

there was one time where i had an adam walsh moment where i was separated from my parents when i was a young kid, in the clothing area, so i went to the register and said i was lost and she broadcast my name overhead and my dad found me and we went home.

and it was sears that i saw activision and played the frog video game on activision, and they also had on display computers like the atari 400 and commodore vic-20

they just had a green screen with a cursor and that's it.

kmart and sears remembered Atari_10

they didn't do much.

i remember i asked my dad if he would buy it and he said no. we didn't buy that. though i wouldn't know what to do with it.

i've not been in sears for years and the one in my city went out of business. i recently bought a dishwasher to replace the one that broke, and a washer from samsung. we visited best buy lowe's home depot and bought the one from lowe's

i do recall maybe in the 80s getting a sears catalogue and i was amazed with all the stuff they sold, from clothing to tv and radios to record players.

kinda like amazon before internet.

sadly its all in the past, though the children of kmart, walmart and target is still here, and some of the stuff that sears sold like clothing and appliance can be bought at home depot and walmart

the local mall has several stores that only sell clothing.

i suspect if the internet never happened, and there was no competition from other retailers, sears might still be in business.

in those days whether it was clothing or appliances like washing machines and microwave ovens we went to sears, but now there's bestbuy and walmart and home depot.

it seems only yesterday i was at compusa circuit city fretter

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