Has anyone actually watched the movie Speed 1994 starring Keanu Reeves?

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Has anyone actually watched the movie Speed 1994 starring Keanu Reeves?

Post by redpill on Tue May 12, 2015 12:03 pm



or here

before they get taken down for DCMA violation. when these links expire due to copyright notice, it is still possible to watch them on netflix or amazon

the 3 movies also explain other psychological elements of both the ransom note and crime scene.

the one theme all 3 movies has - dirty harry speed ransom, is that it is not possible for the bad guy to actually collect on a ransom, b/c all 3 movies and real life show that the police, FBI and swat team will scour the area of any drop off location.

if jonbenet's death was a genuine kidnapping for ransom, the kidnapper would have to wrestle with actually attempting to collect on the ransom, something even Mr Cruel could not do. the problem is any drop-off location would be swarming with police, FBI, helicopters, swat teams.

these movies strongly imply jonbenet's death was a thrill kill. killing jonbenet for fun was the primary goal, and the kidnapping ransom note was a way to play Scorpio. the badguy taunts LE and victim.

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