safety lessons & mystic reflections on life and death of the white flowers

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Emma Warren 8 Lucy Jane Duersch 6 Jasmin Soriat, 19

Post by redpill on Thu Sep 28, 2017 11:35 am

Emma Warren 8

Emma Warren 8 was killed as she cycled home from school after a collision with a truck near the intersection of Rata St and Miro St in Inglewood about 3.15pm on Wednesday. Sep 27, 2017

The parents of a young Taranaki girl killed while cycling home from school had been rocked by another family tragedy just months before.

Eight-year-old Emma Warren's bike collided with a truck yesterday afternoon, moments after riding out the front gate of Inglewood Primary School.

Emma, described as a cheerful, "beautiful" young girl, died at the scene.

Just eight months before, in early January, S'ean and Karen Warren had been left devastated after Karen's son, and S'ean's stepson, 21-year-old son Tyler Gilbert, died suddenly.

where she died

so that location in New Zealand at 3.15pm on Wednesday. Sep 27, 2017 local time is the precise time and place Emma Warren 8 soul left our world having spent 8 years touring the world of the living.

this family can't catch a break.

safety Emma died while bicycling she was struck. bicycling and getting hit by a car results in instant fatal death.

i think bicycling on public roads where the cars are at is too risky. i will only bicycle in parks and bike trails. i suppose you could collide with a tree or a rock or an atv or horse though. or meet a murderer

Lucy Jane Duersch
Bellingham, Washington Mar 17, 2011 - Sep 23, 2017 (Age 6)

Lucy Jane Duersch, who suffered from diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma, or DIPG, died at home. She was 6 years old.
On Saturday, Sept 23, 2017. DIPG is a rare and inoperable brainstem tumor with limited treatment options. She was diagnosed Aug. 5, 2016.

just 6 years of life when DIGP ended it.

what if you or i died at age 6?

atheists like marshall brain of godisimaginary says there is no god, no jesus, no heaven, no afterlife. when you die it is total nothingness, oblivion for all eternity. Lucy Jane Duersch got to experience 6 years of life, and if marshall brain is right, she is total nothingness for all eternity. me to. and you.

Christians promise eternal life in a paradise called heaven where there is jesus and the angels and where you can be reunited with love ones, even pet dogs and cats.

atheists say the truth is eternal oblivion total nothingness, no reunion with loved ones lost through death, no punishment for the evil doers who have never been identified or caught.

Jasmin Soriat, 19

Jasmin Soriat, 19, from Vienna, died from respiratory failure three weeks after having a second dose of the HPV vaccine
Died 10th December, 2007 but in news now, sept 28, 2017

Teenager died in her sleep weeks after being given HPV vaccine as experts reveal the lives of thousands of girls have been destroyed by the controversial jab

   Jasmin Soriat, 19, showed neurological symptoms after having a second HPV jab
   The teen from Vienna suffered respiratory failure three weeks later
   Pathologist said the vaccine could have been the cause of her death
A teenage girl died in her sleep weeks after being given the controversial human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine, a new documentary has claimed.

Jasmin Soriat, 19, a student from Vienna, suffered neurological symptoms after having a second dose of the injection and suffered respiratory failure three weeks later.

A pathologist who examined her body has said the vaccine could have been the cause of her death.

Jasmin's story is one of 'hundreds of documented deaths following the HPV vaccine' according to claims in a new three-part documentary, titled Sacrificial Virgins.

Thousands of girls around the world have suffered adverse reactions, often developing chronic fatigue syndrome.

Government forensic pathologist Dr Johan Missliwetz was ordered by a court to do a second autopsy on Miss Soriat as the first could not establish the cause of death.

He concluded that the vaccine could have been the cause of her demise.

The doctor, who has now taken early retirement, said: 'I couldn't find a reasonable cause of death but had two suspicions. One is a genetic disorder of the heart and the other one, it had to do with vaccination.'

other possible victims of the HPV vaccine

maybe vaccines can be dangerous for some people.  Suspect

i still plan to get the flu shot and similar vaccines like shingles and hepatitis and tetanus. but i'm gonna pass on hpv vaccine, too risky.

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Jade Finn 16

Post by redpill on Thu Sep 28, 2017 10:05 pm

Jade Finn 16
Jade Finn was thrown from her family's Toyota Prado when it collided with a Mitsubishi van on the Pacific Highway near Port Macquarie at 11am  Thur Sep 28, 2017

A tourist from the United Kingdom has been charged in relation to the death of a girl, 16, who was killed in a horror crash on the NSW mid north coast.

Jade Finn was thrown from her family's Toyota Prado when it collided with a Mitsubishi van on the Pacific Highway near Port Macquarie at 11am yesterday.

The UK man, aged 20, who was driving the van has been charged with not giving way and negligent driving causing death.

He was granted strict conditional bail to appear at Port Macquarie Local Court today.

Tributes have started flowing in for Ms Finn, who was travelling with her family of seven when the driver of the van allegedly pulled out from the verge on the highway and collided with them.

the news articles have videos, even though this incident only happened yesterday as i type this, they already had a computer animation of what happened.

. the suv she was in, the other car cut in front of them so the driver swerved hard to try to avoid collision. the suv then rolled over several times. Jade was thrown from the suv. its not clear if she was wearing a seatbelt

so at age 16 she is dead, and this happened  Port Macquarie australia.

i use my d&d imagination and imagine being in a car driving in a highway and either a car cuts in front of me, or i see an accident and i attempt to hit the breaks and swerve to avoid collision. i feel fear. imagine pain. i am thinking OMG this is it i'm dead man. i'm going to die. this is the end. i imagine being in a car as it rolls several times over. i imagine the pain and bleeding, and then i lose consciousness, never to ever regain it. i'm now wondering how i should drive on a highway to avoid death. i think of those 2 sisters who died when a wrong way driver collided them head on. what it would be like to be driving a car on a highway and then you see this car coming directly at you.

i can feel the adrenaline as i type this
wow. What a Face

Jade Finn got 16 years when it all ended 11am Thur Sep 28, 2017 through no fault of her own. with Last Jedi coming Dec 15, 2017 will i still be alive to watch it?

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Leah Loomis, 17,

Post by redpill on Fri Sep 29, 2017 10:52 am

Leah Loomis, 17,

Dive teams spent hours searching Newton Lake Tuesday afternoon Sept 26, 2017 after a teen girl fell from a boat.
Fire officials say she never resurfaced. Her body was recovered Wed Sept 27, 2017

The Lackawanna County Coroner released the results on Thursday of an autopsy on a teenager pulled from a lake in Lackawanna County.

Dive teams found the body of Leah Loomis, 17, on Wednesday in Newton Lake near Carbondale.

The Lakeland High School senior was on a boat Tuesday when she fell into the water and never resurfaced.

The coroner says Loomis died from drowning due to head trauma and the death has been ruled an accident.

Friends of Leah have planned a vigil for Thursday night at the lake in Lackawanna County.

safety you can fall off a boat, have head trauma, then drown.

at age 17, the final images and moments in the life of Leah Loomis was here

if i were in that boat instead of Leah or in the future if i were in a boat, will i fall have a head injury and drown?

how exactly did she fall from the boat? would wearing a life vest prevent her death?

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Lexi Schultz, 13 Alexis Elaina Mauri, age 20, Ashley Eileen Weber 23

Post by redpill on Sat Sep 30, 2017 7:47 am

Lexi Schultz, 13

Lexi Schultz, 13 was diagnosed with the flu on a Monday  Nov 9, 2015. Four days later she  went into septic shock within hours and she died. Thur Nov 23 , 2015 wrote:
According to a family friend, Michaela Raner, the Gilbert teen had flu-like symptoms beginning Nov. 9 and then complained of a bug bite on her arm a little later in the week.

By the afternoon of Nov. 12, Lexi could not feel her feet and the numbness traveled up her legs.

Raner said Lexi's body started shutting down, and she died at Phoenix Children's Hospital.

"It was like a 3-hour time period," Raner said. "It happened so fast."

Lexi Schultz, 13, was diagnosed with the flu on a Monday. She died four days later.

Her mother, Taryn Schultz, is opening up about her daughter's tragic and sudden death in hopes of helping other parents.

Schultz took her daughter to the doctor for aches and pains in her arm. The doctor found she had a fever but no other serious symptoms.

Schultz said Lexi didn't even really feel "sick."

"She seemed fine in the lobby," Schultz said. "She was talking on her phone, she seemed fine."

The doctor said Lexi likely had the flu and it would last about five days. He gave her Tamiflu and a doctor's excuse to miss school.

Schultz said Lexi's symptoms stayed consistent with the flu, and on day four her fever broke.

"I thought she was getting better," Schultz said.

Lexi took a turn for the worse. Her body went into septic shock within hours and she died.

A Medical Examiner eventually identified Lexi had Streptococcus pyogenes bacteremia, meaning the strep bacteria was in her bloodstream. She never took a strep test. Schultz doesn't know if it would have been positive.

Schultz wants other parents to understand how quickly an undiagnosed infection can turn deadly.

Memorial for Gilbert 13-year-old who died mysteriously. Family and friends are gathering Thursday at Tumbleweed Park in Chandler to celebrate the life of 13-year-old Alexis "Lexi" Reanne Schultz, who died suddenly last week after a brief illness

why do some, even as young as 13 and otherwise healthy get bacteremia and die quickly, and others do not?

will i die from a bacteremia that will kill me within hours? how to prevent bacteremia?

Alexis Elaina Mauri, age 20,

Alexis Elaina Mauri, age 20,  died unexpectedly on Monday, April 3, 2017. was born in Scottsdale on January 15, 1997.
no cause of death identified

Alexis is on left

no explanation as to cause of death. no news articles or anything.

so um will i die "unexpectedly"?

Ashley Eileen Weber

Ashley Eileen Weber, Age 23, a resident of LaGrange, KY, formerly of Naperville, IL, died suddenly on Saturday, March 19, 2011 She was born August 7, 1987 in Naperville.

Ashley grew up in Naperville, attended Naper Elementary School, Washington Junior High School and was a 2006 graduate of Naperville North High School. She was an equine enthusiast and was currently working as a veterinary assistant in LaGrange, KY. Ashley enjoyed athletic activities and had a passion for drawing

no explanation as to cause of death. no news articles or anything.

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Ashlyn Weber 16

Post by redpill on Sun Oct 01, 2017 8:55 pm

Ashlyn Weber 16

Ashlyn Weber 16 was killed in a crash involving a firetruck in Lake County on Friday Sept 29, 2017

16-year-old girl was killed in a crash involving a firetruck in Lake County on Friday, according to the Florida Highway Patrol.

Troopers said Ashlyn Weber, of Deltona, lost control of a 1998 Nissan, over-corrected and drove into the firetruck’s eastbound path about 11:45 a.m., said Sgt. Kim Montes, an FHP spokeswoman. Weber died at the scene at County Roads 439 and 42.

Weber was not wearing a seat belt, Montes said.

A passenger — Richard Miranda, 26, of Deltona — was taken to Central Florida Regional Hospital with non-life-threatening injuries, Montes said.

The firetruck driver — Timothy Judy, 37, of Tavares — and two firefighters were taken to Florida Hospital Waterman with minor injuries.

another account

Florida Highway Patrol troopers have identified the driver killed in a crash involving a fire truck Friday morning.

Troopers said Ashlyn Weber, 16, of Deltona, was driving a sedan westbound when she went onto the shoulder while negotiating a sharp curve, then over-corrected and hit a Lake County Fire Rescue engine.
The crash happened at county roads 439 and 42 in Lake County at 11:45 a.m., deputies said.

The 37-year-old driver of the fire truck saw the car veering and was slowing down, but did not stop in time to prevent the engine from hitting the left side of the car, troopers said. The firefighters were not responding to a call at the time of the crash.

Weber was pronounced dead at the scene of the crash and a 26-year-old male passenger was airlifted to Central Florida Regional Hospital, officials said.

The driver of the truck was taken to Waterman Hospital for his injuries.

Sky 6 video from the scene showed a four-door sedan with extensive damage that appeared to nearly split the car in half.

safety just one second one error in driving one overcorrection one failure to navigate a sharp bend and poof! instant death.

mystic just 16 years when 1 error of failing to navigate a sharp bend resulted in crash and instant death

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Tesla Hill, 17

Post by redpill on Mon Oct 02, 2017 11:20 pm

Tesla Hill, 17

Tesla Hill, 17 was killed and two people were critically injured after getting hit by a car while standing on Interstate 40 Sunday night Oct 1, 2017

The collision occurred on I-40 near Rock Quarry Road just before 7:30 p.m. when three people were standing on the interstate assisting a driver who was having a medical emergency, according to a police crash report.

According to the report, the operator of a 2001 Nissan sedan was stopped in the second lane of the interstate and was unconscious and having a medical emergency.

Two passengers exited the vehicle and attempted to help the driver. The passengers, according to the report, were Tesla Hill, 17, of High Point, and Jessica Templeton, 16, of Kenly.
second vehicle, operated by Phillip Maurice Campbell, 45, of Durham, pulled in front of the stopped Nissan and got out of his car to also provide help to the driver.

All three people who exited their vehicles were standing at the driver’s side door attempting to assist the unconscious driver, the report states.

While standing at the door, the three people were hit by a 2015 Ford sedan that was heading west on the road.

The teen who died, Hill, was a student at High Point Central High School.

Hill was in JROTC and wanted to enlist in the Army and eventually become a veterinarian.

Her boyfriend was the driver of the car and had a seizure while driving, according to Hill’s family. They were coming back from a relative’s house in Clayton when the incident happened.

They were still partially in the roadway, so Hill got out and tried to help her boyfriend and move the car out of the roadway, family members said.

“I’m really heartbroken — it’s really hard to deal with,” said Hill’s sister Kayla Thomas.

The report shows that the driver of the Ford did not reduce their speed before plowing into the three pedestrians. Police note in the report that the stopped vehicle with the man suffering the medical emergency did not have any headlights or hazard lights on. Campbell’s car, which was in front of the parked Nissan, did have hazard lights on, video from the scene shows.
It’s estimated that the three pedestrians were struck by the Ford at approximately 60 mph.

Hill was pronounced dead at the scene.

Templeton and Campbell were transported to WakeMed in critical condition.

The driver of the Ford is not currently facing any charges and was not injured in the crash. The man who had the medical emergency was not injured as a result of the crash.

safety so stepping out of your car on a road is extremely hazardous. another vehicle may strike you or the vehicle.

what could Tesla Hill, 17 and the others could have done differently not to get hit?

if you were in that situation what would you do so you wouldn't get hit and killed?

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Las Vegas shooting victims Calla Medig Sunday Oct 1, 2017

Post by redpill on Tue Oct 03, 2017 10:45 am

Las Vegas shooting victims  Sunday Oct 1, 2017

Calla Medig

other victims

Bailey Schweitzer

Bailey Schweitzer, a 20-year-old from Bakersfield, California, died in the shooting,

Christiana Duarte 22

Carrie Barnette, 34,



will i be killed in a mass shooting? how can i prevent my own death from a mass shooting?

what kind of life should i live to minimize my risk of death from mass shooting?

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Eve Carson 22 Jersey Bridgeman 6 Tristan Dilley 14

Post by redpill on Tue Oct 03, 2017 1:17 pm

Eve Carson 21

Eve Carson 21 was shot and killed On the morning of March 5, 2008. she was robbed more than $1400 from her ATM

Lovette and another man, Demario Atwater, kidnapped Carson, 22, in the early hours of that morning, and took her in her 2005 Toyota Highlander to ATMs to withdraw money from her bank account.

cnn wrote:The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill student body president who was killed this year was shot several times, including in her head, according to her autopsy report released Monday.

Eve Carson, 22, was found slain on March 5.

Carson's autopsy report lists six gunshot wounds, but says two were probably from the same bullet, according to North Carolina's Office of the Chief Medical Examiner.

Carson's death shocked the community and drew national attention. An estimated 10,000 people turned out for a service remembering her.

Her autopsy -- released after a North Carolina newspaper filed a court motion to have it unsealed -- describes wounds to various parts of Carson's body. It says shotgun wounds to her head and hand "most likely represent a single shot with the hand acting as an intermediate target."

One of the other four wounds was also a gunshot to her head.

A separate, handwritten summary of the medical examiner's report says Carson was "shot multiple times" and found lying on her back, with one arm bent behind her head.

No evidence of sexual assault.
Demario James Atwater, 22, and Lawrence Alvin Lovette, 17, have been charged with first-degree murder.

Court documents released Friday say Carson was kidnapped from her apartment and forced to provide her abductors with ATM access to her bank account before she was shot to death in the early hours of March 5.

The documents -- applications for search warrants -- say a confidential informant told police in the days after the death that Atwater had told her he and Lovette had entered Carson's home through an open door and forced Carson to accompany them in her car.

The informant said she had talked with Atwater after a picture was displayed on television showing someone attempting to use Carson's ATM card at a convenience store two days after Carson's body was found.

The informant said the two men drove Carson to an ATM, obtaining her PIN number from her.

"The CW [informant] learned that Carson was forced into the back seat with Atwater, and Lovette drove Carson's vehicle," the court documents said. "That information is consistent with video footage taken from an ATM camera on that date."

The witness told police Atwater said the two got about $1,400 from Carson's account. Bank records show that was approximately the amount taken from the account over a two-day period, the documents said.

And the informant said that both suspects shot Carson, according to one of the affidavits. "This information was corroborated by crime scene search information that two separate weapons were used in the homicide," the documents said.

"She's putting her head down with her hands up (praying)," Rainsford said. Carson was wearing a white "Be True" bracelet she got at a Nike fan appreciation event two days earlier.

safety lesson

    Ms. Carson was not carjacked as originally suspected. Instead, the two suspects, Mr. Atwater and Lawrence Alvin Lovett Jr., took her from her home. They entered through an open door.
   The three departed in her Toyota Highlander for an A.T.M., where they used her pin number to withdraw cash.
   Then both suspects shot her to death in a street near her home. Neighbors reported hearing shots at 5 a.m.
   Over the next two days, the suspects succeeded in withdrawing $1,400

i don't leave my doors open.

Jersey Bridgeman 6
November 14, 2006 - November 20, 2012

6-year-old Jersey Bridgeman.  was found face down in a closet without any clothing in a vacant home two doors from her own house.  Zachary Holly to death for murder

he 6-year-old girl killed in Bentonville in 2012 was raped by her neighbor, Zachary Holly, and strangled to death with her pajama bottoms, prosecutors said in court on Monday (May 18).

The girl, Jersey Bridgeman, was found face down in a closet without any clothing in a vacant home two doors from her own house, prosecutors said during opening statements. She was also strangled with a necklace made of pasta, according to prosecutors. The necklace also had a green plastic toy car on it.

Zachary Holly killer with Jersey Bridgeman 6

news also states her parents abused her, chaining her to drawer.

so her life of 6 years is abused in the form of being chained to a drawer, then being raped and murdered by her neighbor at age 6.

the murder aspect reminds me of Jonbenet.

Tristan Dilley 14

Tristan was brutally shot and murdered in bed Sunday Oct 1, 2017

An East Texas sheriff says a 14-year-old girl was shot and killed in her home and the suspected gunman was later found dead along a rural road.

Jasper County Sheriff Mitch Newman told the Beaumont Enterprise that Tristan Dilley was killed Sunday at the home in Buna (BYOO'-nuh), northeast of Beaumont.

Newman says the girl was found in a second-floor room with a gunshot wound to the head.

Evidence found at the home led authorities to search for a 19-year-old man who Newman says had a relationship with Dilley.

The man's body was found Monday near his vehicle on the rural road not far from Vidor (VY'-dohr). The man, who authorities have not identified, died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Evidence found at the home led officials to a 19-year-old suspect believed to be romantically involved with Dilley, Newman said.

Officers found the man dead near his white Toyota Corolla on a secluded stretch of FM 1135 near Vidor around noon Monday, according to Orange County Precinct 2 Justice of the Peace Derry Dunn. Authorities believe the man, who was not immediately identified, died from a self-inflicted gunshot.

so 14 romantic with 19 year old. well her killer is dead so there's closure.

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Shellsea Lefebre, age 12 Emma Redlinger 14 Laura Beth Reynolds 16

Post by redpill on Wed Oct 04, 2017 9:35 am

Shellsea Blair “Shelly” Lefebre, age 12
December 15, 2001 – September 21, 2014

Shellsea Blair “Shelly” Lefebre, age 12, of Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan passed away unexpectedly Sunday morning, September 21, 2014 on Drummond Island, Michigan from discharged gunshot

The family of a girl who was killed when a rifle accidentally discharged filed a $5 million lawsuit against Remington Arms alleging it used a defective safety mechanism that allowed the gun to fire without the trigger being pulled.

Shellsea Lefebre-Schiel, 12, was killed Sept. 21, 2014, during a hunting trip with her father, Jose Lefebre, on Drummond Island.

She was killed while they drove the back roads looking for deer.
The gun was tucked between the father's left leg and interior panel, pointing toward the rear as they drove down the dirt road. They didn't realize that a charger cord for a cell phone apparently became entangled on the thumb safety lever and moved it to the fire position.

They planned to stop near a main road, unload the rifle and put it in a case.

"The tangled power cord may have inadvertently moved causing the safety lever to move and the rifle to discharge as Jose was driving. The bullet struck Shellsea in the lower right jaw killing her instantly," attorney Leonard Siudara wrote in the complaint.

The father was originally charged with involuntary manslaughter, a 15-year felony.

He eventually pleaded guilty to a one-year misdemeanor of attempted discharge of a firearm causing injury or death. Under a delayed sentence in Chippewa County District Court, the charge will be dismissed upon his successful completion of probation.

Emma Redlinger 14

Emma Redlinger 14 was accidentally shot in the head and killed Saturday February 28, 2015 at University of Iowa Children's Hospital in Iowa City.

Mourners gathered Sunday evening to remember a Vinton teenager who was accidentally shot and killed by a friend.

Vinton police confirmed Emma Redlinger, 14, died Saturday. She had been in the pediatric intensive care unit at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics since the Tuesday night shooting.

Police said another teenager was handling a .220-caliber rifle inside a home on West Fourth Street in Vinton. Investigators said the gun discharged, hitting Redlinger in the head.

i'm gonna be careful around other people who have firearms since they can be discharged accidentally or think its funny to point the gun at you to scare you and then it goes off accidentally

Shellsea  Lefebre, age 12 Emma Redlinger 14 both died of gunshot and they look like sisters

Laura Beth Reynolds 16
was born in Independence, MO on Thursday, May 6, 1993 died Oct. 31, 2009

16-year-old Laura Beth Reynolds  in a car crash on  Saturday,  October 31, 2009 drunk driving other car

Reynolds was a junior at Fort Osage High School.

Court records give the following account of the two-vehicle crash.

At 11:43 p.m. Saturday, Independence police responded to the accident at U.S. 24 and Blue Mills Road.

The investigation showed that Blake, driving a silver 1998 Chevrolet Malibu, turned left from northbound Blue Mills Road. He was driving west in the eastbound lanes on U.S. 24.

The second car, a green 1995 Dodge Neon, was going east on the highway.

The Malibu collided head-on with the Neon.

Inside the Neon were three teenagers. A 17-year-old girl, the driver; a 15-year-old passenger in the back seat; and Laura Reynolds, a 16-year-old, the front-seat passenger.

Reynolds died in the collision. The two other girls suffered non-life threatening injuries.

Two witnesses reported that Blake turned into the eastbound lane and sped up to 55 to 60 mph and that the Neon car could not avoid the collision.

One of the witnesses rushed to the Neon. A passenger and the driver were screaming to get out of the vehicle.

The witness checked on Blake, who he said smelled of alcohol. Blake tried to start the car and leave. A witness held onto the driver’s door so Blake could not get out. Blake began banging on the window.

Another witness told authorities that Blake yelled “Let me out. I didn’t do it.”

Blake was taken to Centerpoint Medical Center.

Investigators noted Blake was wearing a T-shirt with the band name “Pantera” on it. He wore black and white face paint that resembled the character “Otis” from Rob Zombie’s “House of 1,000 Corpses” movie.

Blake told officers he had been drinking Malibu Lou’s 151 and pineapple juice. He swayed while standing and had slurred speech. His eyes were bloodshot and watery.

Blake allowed authorities check his blood alcohol level. But he denied any fault in the accident. According to the police report, Blake’s blood alcohol concentration was projected to be .239 percent at the time of the wreck. The legal limit in Missouri is .08 percent.

Police interviewed Blake, who waived his Miranda rights.

He told police he was at a party in Raytown. He was sober when he arrived. He drove to the party by himself. He had a total of two and one-half glasses, apparently of Malibu and Coke and pineapple juice.

He left the party sometime between 9:30 to 10 p.m. Blake was going home to Blue Springs, but he got lost on the way. He ended up, Blake told cops, on a road with the word “Blue” in it.
obit wrote:Laura, was a life-long Christian and was a member of The Eastside Baptist Church. She relied heavily on her faith in Jesus Christ.

so this is an example of the teens out there who are drunk and drink and drive. total psycopaths.

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Laura O'Neill 22

Post by redpill on Thu Oct 05, 2017 6:55 pm

Laura O'Neill 22

Laura O'Neill passed away on Sunday Oct 1, 2017 in the Maher Private Hospital after battling synovial sarcoma since last December, 2016

the sun wrote:
LAURA O’Neill was told by doctors she was either pregnant or constipated when she complained of a swollen stomach — but instead it was a rare cancer.

The 22-year-old Dubliner is battling a synovial sarcoma, which left her looking like she had a baby bump.
The student from Swords told the Irish Sun on Sunday: “My belly was huge, I was in agony and there was so much fluid causing my belly to swell.

“I went to the doctors three times and each time they said it was constipation.

“I was all bloated and even when I was referred to A&E they misdiagnosed it and said it was constipation again and gave me laxatives.

“Or they would ask, ‘Are you pregnant?’ They kept asking and at one point I started to wonder if I was, even though I knew there was no way I was. I just started to think, ‘weirder things have happened’.”

The business student had just returned from a holiday to Thailand and was studying for her exams but her illness left her unable to do anything.

She said: “It was before Christmas last year when they finally said it was a mass or a tumour but they didn’t know if it was cancer.
“Christmas Day was horrible, I was just in bed all day. I was in bits, I was so sick. All I wanted to do was sleep so I wouldn’t be in pain. I was waiting for an appointment but it got so bad I went in a couple of days after.”

Laura underwent a biopsy, and doctors drained five litres of fluid from her stomach.

Soon after that she discovered the tumour had spread and she was told she had cancer.

She recalled: “I felt horrible. Everyone was offering everything I ever wanted, but there is nothing they could give me.
“All I wanted was it not to be happening. I just had this horrible empty feeling. My mam and my aunt were angry, other people took the news in anger — moreso than me — but I have never been an angry person.”

She was quickly put on a round of chemotherapy at Dublin’s Mater Hospital but that was not the end of her journey.

Laura said: “I just finished chemo and it was really strong. The type of sarcoma is really rare so the chemo has to be strong. I was on Adriamycin, which is called the Red Devil.

“You can only get so much of it because it can cause heart problems. I had four rounds and then had to take a break, before I did the fifth and sixth round.

However, the Irish Sun has now learned Laura passed away on Saturday in the Maher Private Hospital in Dublin after battling the illness since last December.

wiki wrote:
A synovial sarcoma (also known as: malignant synovioma[1]) is a rare form of cancer which occurs primarily in the extremities of the arms or legs, often in close proximity to joint capsules and tendon sheaths.[2] As one of the soft tissue sarcomas, it is one of the rarest forms of soft tissue cancer.
Most, and perhaps all, cases of synovial sarcoma are associated with a reciprocal translocation t(x;18)(p11.2;q11.2). There is some debate about whether the molecular observation itself is definitional of synovial sarcoma.[7][8][9]

if any cell in my body undergoes a reciprocal translocation t(x;18)(p11.2;q11.2) i hope some higher power or chance luck kills that  cell.

so she was seemingly health when at least 1 cell undergoes a reciprocal translocation t(x;18)(p11.2;q11.2) and so at age 22 on Sunday Oct 1, 2017 she died.

would prayer or being religious made a difference in outcome? id be religious and attend church if it keeps the cancer away.

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Alexandra Linscott 15

Post by redpill on Thu Oct 05, 2017 7:17 pm

Alexandra Linscott 15

Alexandra Linscott 15 died and two other women were injured in an eastern Nebraska crash  a little before 9:15 p.m. Wednesday Oct 4, 2017, about a mile (2 kilometers) north of the Platte River on Nebraska Highway 50 in southern Sarpy County.

Authorities say a 15-year-old girl died and two other women were injured in an eastern Nebraska crash.

The crash was reported a little before 9:15 p.m. Wednesday, about a mile (2 kilometers) north of the Platte River on Nebraska Highway 50 in southern Sarpy County.

The Sarpy County Sheriff's Office says northbound and southbound cars collided, killing 15-year-old Alexandra Linscott, of Eagle, who was passenger in the southbound car. She was a sophomore at Waverly High School.

The two drivers — a 48-year-old woman from Eagle and a 22-year-old woman from Omaha — were taken to hospitals. wrote:
Police have identified the victim in a fatal two-vehicle crash in Sarpy County Wednesday night.

Alexandra Linscott, 15, of Eagle, was killed in the crash just before 9:15 p.m. Wednesday.

Linscott was a sophomore at Waverly High School.

Authorities say two others were injured during the collision.

A court-ordered warrant to draw the blood of Paige Seaton, 22, of Omaha, showed that she had alcohol in her system at the time of the crash, Sarpy County Attorney Lee Polikov said. The exact level is under investigation.

Polikov said once Seaton is cleared from the hospital, she will be booked and charged with motor vehicle homicide among various other charges.

The accident was reported about a mile north of the Platte River on Nebraska Highway 50.

The Sarpy County Sheriff's Office said Seaton was driving north in a white Ford Fusion. Elisa Linscott, 48, of Eagle, was driving south with her passenger, Alexandra, when the two vehicles collided, killing the teen. Seaton and Elisa Linscott were taken to different hospitals.

Waverly School released a statement Thursday afternoon.

District #145 is deeply saddened to report that Alexandra Linscott, a sophomore at Waverly High School, died in a serious car crash around 9:00 pm last night.

The school community extends our heartfelt sympathies to family and friends. Alexandra has attended our district since kindergarten and involved herself in many activities.

District Response Team members have been available today to help students and staff dealing with this loss. Counselors will continue to be available in the days to come.

she died from a drunk driving car crash Wednesday Oct 4, 2017 at 9:15pm marked the precise time her soul left the world of the living after having toured our world for 15 years.

will I die from a drunk driving accident? i'm beginning to think its unsafe to drive after night due to the drunk drivers.

in life Alexandra Linscott 15 was an aspiring ballerina

not too long ago, Michelle Chalk 14 was also an aspiring ballerina who died when her hammock collapsed.

and another teen aspiring ballerina was killed in a bus accident Holly Brown, 14,

so a twist of fate had 3  teen aspiring ballerina Alexandra Linscott 15 Holly Brown, 14, Michelle Chalk 14 die from a drunk driving, a bus crash, and a hammock death. and all 3 teen ballerinas died in 2017!

What a Face What a Face What a Face

skeptics will of course say that lots of healthy teen girls are into ballet. and by chance some times some of those girls will meet an untimely end like drunk driving, a bus crash, and a hammock death.

the biggest anxiety i have about atheism is if i agree to become an atheist, will some sort of divine protection be lifted and death might come from drunk driving, a bus crash, or hammock death ending my time on planet earth?
so i pray to the new age god source universe for good luck and good fate a good twist of fate for me every day before i go to bed.

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Kelly Clarke, 24

Post by redpill on Sat Oct 07, 2017 9:38 am

Kelly Clarke, 24

Kelly Clarke, 24, died on Friday night Oct 6, 2017 two days after she had been rushed to hospital after 'having a shower and putting herself to bed' after feeling sick on Wednesday evening.

A YOUNG bride has died of a mystery illness while on honeymoon in Fiji.

Sydney children’s nurse Kelly Clarke, 24, who was holidaying with her husband Chase at the Outrigger resort at Sigatoka, on Fiji’s main island, began feeling ill on Wednesday.

Mrs Clarke, a post-operative nurse at The Children’s Hospital at Westmead, shrugged it off as a stomach bug and took a bath before going to bed to sleep it off.

However, within hours she was rushed to hospital in Lautoka, where doctors began treating her for suspected typhoid. When she didn’t respond after two days it was decided early on Friday to induce a coma.

Mrs Clarke died at 10.40pm on Friday night, less than an hour before a medical evacuation team arrived to fly her to Sydney.

Mr Clarke said blood tests had ruled out typhoid.

The couple had been holidaying in Fiji in the lead-up to the wedding of Mr Clarke’s best mate, and had conquered a number of phobias together.

“We’re both petrified of sharks but we went scuba diving and kayaking over open water and had a turtle come right up to us,” he said.

The couple had planned to start a family within the next two years.

“Kelly was very intelligent, beautiful, lovely and caring,” Mr Clarke said.

“She loved kids and loved her work as a nurse and was getting great feedback from work.”

wow. so mystery illness then death, in fiji on a honeymoon. she was only 24 on her honeymoon.

if i or you go to fiji would we get this mystery illness and die?

could perhaps the typhoid vaccine she received cause this, and adverse reaction?

Mrs Clarke died at 10.40pm on Friday night, less than an hour before a medical evacuation team arrived to fly her to Sydney.

so  10.40pm on Friday night Oct 6, 2017 marks the precise date and time her soul left our world, falling ill on Wed Oct 4, 2017

update cause of death Septicaemia Septicaemia is an infection caused by large amounts of bacteria entering the bloodstream.

"She needs a medivac ASAP as Fiji don't have the medications she needs," Tam Brown wrote.

But Ms Clarke died before the medivac crew arrived.

Her brother in a Facebook post on Friday night said she had gone into cardiac arrest five times within an hour.

"We are so shocked," Murray Shaw wrote.

so if you get Septicaemia on a honeymoon in fiji their hospital may not be able to deal with the medical emergency and save your life.

why exactly do some get and then die of  Septicaemia ? after all i got my flu shot coz i dont wanna die from flu. i want to get a  Septicaemia shot same reason.

i'm writing this on oct 7, 2017. will i fall ill and die before i get a chance to watch Last Jedi on Dec 15, 2017? opening day tickets are sold out so i have to wait a week or two.

update update

Her family has revealed she died of severe bilateral pneumonia, the Nine Network reported on Sunday night.

"I spoke to her and she told me she was scared she was going to die," her husband told Nine.

"I told her I loved her, we're going to get out of here, everything's going to be OK."

she was in seemingly perfect health and somehow she got severe bilateral pneumonia resulting in Septicaemia, she wasn't feeling well on Wed and was dead by Friday.

presumably the infection was growing and spreading some time by the time she actually fell in on Wed.

if I visit Fiji, will i contract a bacteria that will result in severe bilateral pneumonia resulting in Septicaemia?

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Tayzli Hale 3 Faith Sharpe 7 Morgan Greene 10

Post by redpill on Sun Oct 08, 2017 7:56 pm

Tayzli Hale 3

Tayzli Hale 3 dies in horse accident , died at Primary Children’s Hospital in Salt Lake City on Sept. 27, 2017, the day after a horse accident near her home, leaving the entire Petersboro community at a loss.
. Tayzli was born on January 22, 2014, to Amil John (AJ) and Whitney Hale.

fam wrote:
On Tuesday September 26th, Tayzli was thrown from a spooked horse and sustained a serious brain injury. Life flight picked her up from her house and got her to Primary Children’s Hospital as fast as they could. Unfortunately, Tayzli is showing no brain activity and has stopped breathing on her own. She was prounounced dead wednesday afternoon.

wow. and Tayzli only 3 and she died. i wonder what happened to the horse. just 3 years of existence. she looks more like 6 tbh.

If i were on that horse instead of  Tayzli Hale 3 at that exact time and place, would that horse get spooked throw me and cause me to become brain damage? are horses worth that risk?

Faith Sharpe 7

Faith Sharpe, who was first diagnosed with Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG) in July 2015, died on Wednesday,  September. 27, 2017

just 7 years when DIGP ended it. DIGP shows no mercy.
she was 5 at the time.  .

Morgan Greene

Morgan Greene 10  was struck by a car about 6:30 p.m. Tuesday Oct 3, 2017 at West Richmond Way and Sequoia Lane, according to the New Richmond Police Department. She was airlifted to Regions Hospital and then Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare, where she died Saturday Oct 8, 2017

so many deaths from cars hitting bicycles. i'm done with bicycling.

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virginia tech victims white flowers Apr. 16, 2007

Post by redpill on Sun Oct 08, 2017 8:24 pm

the recent Las Vegas shooting reminded me to look up the earlier Virginia Tech mass shooting Apr. 16, 2007
hard to believe it's been more than 10 years since the killing

Emily Jane Hilscher 19
Jun. 2, 1988-Apr. 16, 2007 age 19

Maxine Shelly Turner 22
Jan. 15, 1985 -  Apr. 16, 2007

Nicole Regina White
born Aug. 23, 1986  -  Apr. 16, 2007 age 21

Caitlin Millar Hammaren
May 4, 1987  -  Apr. 16, 2007 age 20

Rachael Elizabeth Hill
Jul. 17, 1988 - Apr. 16, 2007 age 18

maybe i should move to Australia

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Savannah Grace Curran 4 Madison Walb 23

Post by redpill on Wed Oct 11, 2017 9:03 am

Savannah Grace Curran  4

Savannah Grace Curran of Holbrook, died by accident on Saturday October 7, 2017, at the age of 4.

HOLBROOK, Mass. (AP) — Authorities continue to investigate after a utility truck hit and killed a 4-year-old girl who had run into the street outside her Massachusetts home.

The Norfolk district attorney’s office on Sunday identified the victim as Savannah Curran.

Authorities say the girl was hit by the Comcast truck around 1 p.m. Saturday in Holbrook, about 20 miles south of Boston. She was taken to South Shore Hospital, where she died.

The driver remained at the scene and spoke with police. A Comcast spokesman told The Boston Globe the company is “fully cooperating with authorities.”

Savannah Curran, 4, was described as bubbly, loving and always had a smiling.

Her mom referred to her as the ‘Star of the Day’.

Savannah tragically died Saturday afternoon, Oct. 7, after being struck by a Comcast bucket truck on Fargo Road, where she lived.

“Savannah’s favorite color was purple and her favorite characters from her favorite shows were Skye from Paw Patrol and Owlette from PJ Masks. She will always be in the hearts of those who loved her and will never be forgotten,” the family stated in her obituary.

Holbrook Police Chief William Smith said Saturday that it’s unclear how, exactly, the crash happened, but that the little girl, who resided on Fargo Road, had run out in the street.
A relative said Savannah had been playing with another little girl, across the street, earlier in the day.

“The little one was my granddaughter and I want to say thank you for your prayers,” a man named Larry Curran, who identified himself as Savannah’s grandfather, wrote on Facebook. “Teach your kids to stop, look and listen before crossing a street, and if they’re unlikely to do what you say, you need to always hold their hands, no matter where you live, dead end street or not, and love them always.”

Police said the Comcast utility truck that hit the child was performing work in the area of 19 Fargo Road, a cul-de-sac which is surrounded by a few homes.

safety if you run into a street you can get struck and die. we may be adults but even adults are struck by vehicles and killed. worth respecting the dangers

mystic Savannah only 4 years old, only 4 years of time on this planet when her decision to run into the streets at the same exact time and place as a Comcast utility truck around 1pm Saturday October 7, 2017 resulted in death, forever. poof.

4 years ago she was born.  4 years of time elapsed. on 1pm Saturday October 7, 2017 it all came to an end in an instant. christians say she is alive in heaven with jesus, atheists say it is total oblivion and nonexistence for all eternity.
either god had a plan that Savannah would be hit by a comcast truck at that time and place, or random things happen to people on a random basis. Savannah made a decision to cross the street and at this random moment a comcast truck was driving at hit her.

on the one hand i envy today's children who grow up with social media smartphones internet wikipedia youtube
as a kid only 1 family in my neighborhood had an atari 2600, and we all wanted to play it, pitfall harry was state of the art, on a 80's era TV, and thought it was dope. on the other hand if u die u die. she died before the last jedi dec 15, 2017. i worry i may die before then.

what if i died at age 4?

Madison Walb 23

the body of 23-year-old Madison Walb was found Sunday Oct 8, 2017

A Monday autopsy ruled the Reading woman’s death a homicide.
Investigators didn’t reveal how they believe Walb died

you can be murdered anywhere anytime for any reason

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Kaitlin Mitchell, 12 Zarina Butler, 11

Post by redpill on Wed Oct 11, 2017 5:24 pm

Kaitlin Mitchell, 12

Kaitlin Mitchell, 12 dies in hospital eight days after she was hit by car while crossing the road at West Acres at around 3.30pm on Thursday September 28, 2017  when Kaitlin got off her school bus, crossed the road and was hit by a red Vauxhall Astra. Died on Friday, October 6th, 2017

she was struck here

A 12-year-old schoolgirl killed in a hit-and-run collision was knocked down yards from her front door, it has emerged. Kaitlin Mitchell was seriously injured as she stepped off a school bus and was struck by a red Vauxhall Astra in Byram, near Knottingley, nearly two weeks ago. She later died of her injuries.
The Sherburn High School pupil lived with her grandparents Kathleen and Brian Mitchell on the same road where the collision took place. Her brother Harry, 13, witnessed the crash at 3.30pm on September 28. Speaking at the scene of the incident, her grandmother said: “She lived with us, we have had her for ten years and he [the driver] has taken all of our life away from us. “We would like to thank all of the village for their support.” Floral tributes have been left at the scene. One read: “To Kath and Brian, Harry and Sophie and extended family. “We are so sorry to hear Kaitlin has passed away. Sending love and strength to you all.”

Read more at:

so there are hit and run drivers who will strike even 12 year old freckled faced gingers walking off the bus in the UK, then run, and the driver is still wanted by police.

wow that's so random. growing up so many times a hit and run driver could have struck and killed me as i stepped off the school bus. only 12 years of life and poof.

for me the scariest thing is dying like this, on Friday Oct 6, 2017 just 2 months before Last Jedi in Dec 15, 2017
in 2 months so many ways i can die

Zarina Butler, 11
Lakin, Kansas
Nov 26, 2005 - Oct 7, 2017 (Age 11)

 Zarina Nicole Butler, 11, died on Saturday, October 7, 2017 in Gray County. She was born on November 26, 2005 at Lakin Kansas the daughter of Verle William Butler, Jr. and Irina Filatova in a 2 vehicle car accident

An 11-year-old girl was killed in a car wreck Saturday morning in Gray County, the Kansas Highway Patrol stated.

According to a press release: Zarina Butler, of Lakin, was killed when the 1999 Oldsmobile Intrigue she rode in, driven by 48-year-old Irian Filatova, failed to yield at a stop sign and crashed into a SUV.

The Oldsmobile was traveling south on K23 just before 8 a.m. and struck a 2008 Nissan Xterra moving east on U56. The Xterra was driven by 66-year-old Jesus Millan-Pena. Rosa Millan, 61, was a passenger in the SUV. Both are from Elkhart. The two were taken to the Western Plains Regional Hospital along with Filatova.

your life is in driver's hand. and at a stop sign the other driver may fail to stop or yield resulting in lethal crashes

just 11 years when through no fault of her own, she was a passenger when the driver ran a stop sign and collided with a SUV, killing her.

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Elizabeth A. Eidson, 16 Suzanna Bull, 32 Sarah Athersmith, 14

Post by redpill on Thu Oct 12, 2017 8:57 am

Elizabeth Anne Eidson, 16

Elizabeth A. Eidson, 16, of Russellville  died in a Wednesday morning Oct 11, 2017 collision in Moniteau County was a student at Cole R-1 High School in Russellville.

The Cole R-1 School District is mourning the loss of one of its high school students.

16-year-old Elizabeth Eidson was killed in a crash Wednesday morning while driving to school.

"It’s been an extremely long, tough day," said Russellville High School Principal Chris Mitchell. "Toughest day we’ve had."

According to the Missouri State Highway Patrol crash report, a a garbage truck was stopped in the eastbound lane of Route C, and was struck in the rear by a Pontiac G6 driven by Eidson.

Troopers said after the impact was made the Pontiac struck a pedestrian as the car traveled off the right side of the roadway.

Eidson was pronounced dead at the scene.The driver of the trash truck has moderate injuries and was transported to St. Mary's Hospital.

Mitchell said he, the superintendent and a guidance counselor went to each classroom to tell the students and teachers what happened Wednesday morning.

safety taking your car and rear ending a garbage truck can result in instant death, DOA

i was a really bad driver when i was 16. i'm amazed i actually survived and not die like Elizabeth Eidson.

mystic, just 16 when she drove her car directly into a garbage truck on her way to school  7:20 a.m Wednesday morning Oct 11, 2017 she passed on.

Suzanna Bull, 32

Suzanna Bull, 32 doctor was killed after being involved in a collision with a lorry at the junction of Edgbaston Road and Pershore Road during the evening rush-hour died on Monday October 9. 2017.

her biccyle after collision

Birmingham Children’s Hospital doctor Suzanna Bull, who has been described as a ‘beautiful daughter, sister and friend’, died on October 9.

Her family released a picture of her on Wednesday and said: ‘Suzie was only 32, a determined, caring, adventurous young doctor with a great future ahead.

‘She grew up in Farnsfield, Nottinghamshire – then completed her medical degree at the University of Birmingham, though most recently she had been working at Birmingham Children’s Hospital as part of her GP training.

‘We have lost, all too soon, a beautiful daughter, sister and friend to so very many.’

The collision happened at around 4pm and Suzanna was treated by paramedics – but despite their best efforts was pronounced dead at the scene.

The lorry driver stopped at the scene and is assisting police with investigations.|%20Facebook:%20

so after 32 years this children's medical doctor made a decision to bicycle, was hit by a lorry and was dead at the scene 4pm Monday Oct 9, 2017. yeah along with atv's and horses i think i'm gonna take a pass on bicycling on roads. just 1 bad driver u dead forever.

Sarah Athersmith, 14

Sarah Athersmith, 14, was struck near the Bescot Stadium football ground in Walsall, West Midlands on September 26, 2017 after mistakenly believing it was safe for her to cross.

Girl, 14, was killed on level crossing 'from the 1930s' after waiting for freight train to pass only to be hit by a second

Sarah Athersmith was stood at a level crossing waiting for a train to go past
But the driver sounded its hooter at the same time as another oncoming train
Thinking if was safe to cross she stepped out and was hit by the second one
The crossing had previously been recommended for closure and is now shut

bbc wrote:At the time, British Transport Police said Miss Athersmith had been crossing tracks after a freight train had gone by but was struck by a train going in the opposite direction.

Network Rail said it requested Walsall Council close the foot crossing on safety grounds in 2014.

safety when crossing train tracks make sure there's not 2 trains coming in opposite directions.

Sarah was "mistaken" in her belief it was safe to cross when she was struck by a train and killed.

growing up i attended a fundamentalist church that said if you are "mistaken" in your beliefs about god jesus and the bible, the punishment for mistakenly believing in lies and errors of the devil is an eternity of hell. correct doctrine comes from the bible. being "mistaken' about the deity of Christ, virgin birth, fulfilled prophecies, or heresies like evolution results in everlasting punishment. you can be a nice kind person but if your beliefs are mistaken, like Sarah mistaken belief it was safe to cross, there are lethal eternal punishment. i dont go to church anymore but wow, fear of death is certainly something i feel.

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Sophia Myers 7 Sophia Mohler 8 Aubreigh Nicholas, 10 Paige McKee-Davis 13

Post by redpill on Thu Oct 12, 2017 6:54 pm

Sophia Myers 7

Seven-year-old Sophia Myers diagnosed with diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma, or DIPG. Feb 2017
In Sept 2017 she was released from hospital to home, where she will die.
update Sophia went to heaven at 12:01 this morning :Friday  October 20, 2017

Seven-year-old Sophia Myers healthy, before  DIPG

is it me or does she look like  JonBenet Ramsey

In Sept 2017 she was released from hospital to home

her family is urging

So with that I will end this post with a prayer….

Lord you are the Great Physician and Sophia needs your healing touch. Please Lord lay your healing hands upon her and heal her. Remove all the things inside her body that are causing her pain. I declare by faith that Sophia is receiving your abundant healing power right now. I will not look at what my eyes see but I will look at what my faith sees. I will stand strong behind your biblical words. “ By his Stripes we are healed.” Thank you Lord for laying your healing hands upon Sophia. Thank you Lord for all the blessing you have given us. In Jesus name we pray.. AMEN

i am strongly sympathetic to Marshall Brain of godisimaginary that god is a delusion and prayer is a delusion and coincidence. i dont go to church or read the bible anymore. still i'd probably pray anyhow in case some entity is somewhere listening, in a new age way, to buddha to the universe to the source. atheists could if they are cold blooded enough use Sophia Myers and others as examples of failed prayer. i agree prayer doesn't seemingly work.
marshal brain's example is amputees, but it seems god-yahweh-jesus has something against diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma children. but maybe there is something, perhaps not an all powerful god but like a spirit or a ufo that might be listening. i wonder what atheists marshall brain would say to sophie parents and all parents whose young children are dying of DIGP or other cancers,who are praying to jesus. that they are delusional and their delusions are harming society, and they are giving children delusions of a happy afterlife in heaven with jesus, before they die?
if they do they are cold blooded mutha fuckers. i have wondered maybe when i was a kid a glioma cell in my brain stem has turned cancer. then some entity, not necessarily god, but paranormal, said, oh i need redpill to tell the world that dana point jane doe is holly glynn and promote jonbenet was killed by an intruder and by mr cruel and occk, so i'll zap that cancerous glioma cell, that  in time would have turned into diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma

this happened in Ocean Springs Mississippi also occurred was diagnosed with diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma, or DIPG Sophia Mohler 8

Sophia Mohler 8
June 4, 2002 - September 7, 2010. age 8

Sophia Mohler 8 left  Sophia Myers 7 right all 3 in Ocean Springs Mississippi DIGP

Aubreigh Nicholas, 10
also occurred was diagnosed with diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma

this post will be updated as Aubreigh Nicholas, 10 and Sophia Myers 7 are still alive as of Thu Oct 12, 2017
Sophia Myers is several disabled and not talking and in hospice and not expected to live by Nov, Thanksgiving, 2017.
update Sophia Myers died Oct 20, 2017

Only 7 and 10 and they are given a death sentence by DIGP

Paige McKee-Davis  13

Paige McKee-Davis  13 still alive DIGP diagnosed may 2017

Paige is an active 7th grader, lover all of all things volleyball, animals, and family. It was discovered last week that Paige has Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma, DIPG, which is an inoperable cancer located in the brain stem.

Paige is 13 years old and lives in Texas. She was diagnosed with DIPG in May 2017 and is fighting hard.

Wednesday, October 11th,  2017
"Paige slept decent last night. She was awake a couple hours around 2am because I had to wake her for her medicine but we got decent rest and she took a nice long nap midday today. She is doing okay but her body is deteriorating, she is bruising easily, has so many stretch marks and some of those are so thin they are starting to open if she is moved or touched there. It’s so hard to see her go from a physical fit, vibrant 13 year old girl to the body she is now. The hardest part though through it all is the lack of happiness. There are no more smiles, no more jokes, no more laughter. She is still eating well but hasn’t

i'm not aware of any atheists discussing this but Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma is the cleanest clearest most powerful test of prayer imaginable. It strikes young children to teenagers. I think DIGP is a much better example of the power of prayer than Marshall Brain's example of amputees. Many families engage in prayer and prayer circles and invoke Jesus and the bible for healing. Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma usually takes several months to kill, providing ample time for miracle based angelic intervention.  Prayer has a 0% success rate for Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma.

while i agree with atheists on many issues, perhaps a glial cell in the past or in the future will turn into a glioma in my pontine, but an angel comes along and zaps it. so no glioma. concern i have is that perhaps cells in my body are turning cancerous, or a blood vessel or blood clot will form and kill me, but some higher power prevents this.

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Brittany Eastland 9 Lila Johanson 4 Kayleigh DesRosiers 17

Post by redpill on Thu Oct 12, 2017 10:07 pm

Brittany Eastland 9

Brittany Eastland, from Three Bridges in West Sussex, died on  October 18, 2009 at East Surrey Hospital in Redhill.

bbc wrote:
A nine-year-old girl with no underlying health conditions died from pneumonia caused by swine flu, tests have revealed.

Brittany Eastland, from Three Bridges in West Sussex, died on 18 October at East Surrey Hospital in Redhill.

Health chiefs in West Sussex have now confirmed that the schoolgirl's death was linked to the H1N1 flu virus.

Her mother Sharon Boor said Brittany had been fit and healthy and urged people to take up the swine flu jab.

She said: "Brittany didn't have any underlying conditions and wasn't in an at risk group for swine flu.

one of my fav memories as a kid of the 80s is being sick, not going to school or class on a winter day, being in pajamas when all kids are in school, under bed, drinking chicken soup and orange juice, sick with fever and sneezing, but watching cartoons like he man and voltron. i still watch cartoons, clone wars and kung fu panda. i had no idea i could have died from flu. wow Brittany Eastland just 9 years when flu took it.

perhaps i should get 2 flu shots pale

Lila Johanson 4

On Wed October 11, 2017 our sweet Lila Lauren Johanson passed away suddenly in a car accident. Lila was 4 years old

Authorities have identified the 4-year-old girl killed in a crash in Salt Lake City as Lila Johanson.

Her mother is in the hospital with minor injuries.

Police say the mother was driving westbound on 2700 S. near Chadwick St. just before 10 p.m. Wednesday when it crashed into a tree.

Investigators said the car crossed into the eastbound lanes, jumped the curb and hit the tree for an unknown reason; speed doesn't seem to be the cause.

The mother, who was driving, has minor injuries.

Her daughter, Lila Johanson, was riding in the back and died in the crash.

Salt Lake City Police Lt. Dave Cracroft said officers found a booster seat in the back of the SUV.

Officers are investigating if the child was in that booster seat and if the it was the right size to safely secure the child.

“Some neighbors heard the crash, came out," Lt. Cracroft said. "One of them was an EMT another works up the U [University of Utah] in the emergency room and they got the child out and started CPR."

The 4-year-old was rushed to the hospital where the child died.

The speed limit where the crash happened is 30 miles per hour and police say they don't see accidents like this too often in that area.

The investigation is ongoing and authorities have not confirmed the mother's name.

just 4 years when it went poof. some win lotteries and become celebrities or born to billionaires. others die in accidents at age 4 or from DIGP

Kayleigh DesRosiers 17

Kayleigh DesRosiers died in a tragic triple-fatal crash died in a crash on Dec. 30, 2016

17-year-old Halifax girl was one of three people, including her boyfriend, 17-year-old Robert W. Fleming, and his father, 58-year-old William R. Fleming, both of Easton, they were all in the same vehicle on Depot Street (Route 123) in Easton when William Fleming crossed over the center line on an S-curve and hit an SUV head-on. DesRosiers and William Fleming were pronounced dead the scene and Robert Fleming died in a hospital later that night.


i'm having second thoughts about being a passenger pale

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Collette "Coco" Lazenby 12 Casey Plec 12

Post by redpill on Sat Oct 14, 2017 9:05 pm

Collette "Coco" Lazenby 12
2003 - 2015

Colette "Coco" Elisabeth Pavao Lazenby, age 12, died unexpectedly and tragically in a car accident on Aug. 8, 2015

> California Highway Patrol identified Collette “Coco” Lazenby as the 12-year-old Aptos girl killed in a five-car collision on Highway 1 south, south of La Fonda Avenue late Saturday afternoon.

The crash, which involved 12 people, caused injuries to three and killed one. According to CHP officer Trista Sharp, traffic was stopped in front of the victim’s 2003 Toyota Prius when it was struck from behind by a 2004 Ford E-350 truck driven by a 34-year-old San Jose man.

“The victim’s vehicle was either moving very slowly or stopped when it was struck from behind,” Sharp said. “Although an investigation is pending, it appears the Ford was traveling at a high rate of speed or following too closely behind.”

Collette was a passenger in the left rear seat of the Toyota Prius, which was driven by her 40-year-old mother, also of Aptos. The mother was flown to Natividad Medical Center in Salinas with an unspecified number of broken bones, including fingers. It is unknown whether she has been released although Sharp described her injuries as not “life threatening.”

The collision between the Ford E-350 and the Prius set in motion a chain reaction. The Prius containing Collette and her mother struck the rear of a 2015 Chrysler 200 containing a family of four from Morgan Hill. The Chrysler struck the rear of a 2009 Chevrolet Silverado containing a family of four from Hendersonville, Tennessee. The crash caused the Silverado to collide with the rear of a Volvo V70 driven by a 30-year-old Watsonville man, who was not injured.

The 32-year-old male and 36-year-old female in the Chrysler 200 were treated for minor injuries at the scene but declined to be transported to a hospital. The 13-year-old female and 9-year-old boy, who were passengers, were not injured.

The family from Hendersonville, which included a 30-year-old man, a 32-year-old woman, and two boys, ages 13 and 6, were not injured.

Everyone involved was wearing seat belts.

so every time i hit the wheel i can be rear ended and killed like Coco. everytime i drive i can be rear ended that can result in my death Sad pale

mystic just 12 years this talented girl was struck and died and has been dead since  Aug. 8, 2015

Casey Plec 12
1974-1986 age 12

died Monday May 26, 1986 Memorial day

In April, Casey Plec had been the center of admiration among her classmates. In May, she became the source of their grief.

The 12-year-old Park Forest girl had been recognized last month by members of the National Junior Honor Society at O.W. Huth Upper Grade Center for her leadership capabilities. She was the kind of girl, they reasoned, who would be inducted into the society when she was eligible as a 7th grader.

But on Tuesday, the 760 students at the school in Matteson returned from their Memorial Day break to learn that Plec would not even finish the last three weeks of the school year.

On Memorial Day, the girl was fatally shot in Olympia Fields by the 14-year-old brother of a friend when an antique gun he was showing her discharged while he attempted to remove shells from the weapon.

Olympia Fields police said that the shooting at 4:10 p.m. appeared accidental and that charges weren`t expected to be filed against the boy, although the incident remained under investigation.

Plec was taken to Olympia Fields Osteopathic Medical Center in the south suburb and was pronounced dead at 5:14 p.m. from a gunshot wound in the chest. `This is about as tragic as you can get,`` said Olympia Fields Police Sgt. Frank Marsala.

At the school Tuesday, Plec`s classmates attempted to deal with the tragedy. In the morning, the shock translated into silence. Later there were tears.

By afternoon, they began thinking of memorials for their friend. The final edition of the school newspaper, Knight Times, would be dedicated to the girl who was one of the few 6th graders on its staff.

A bush would be planted in the courtyard of the school. Plans were made for a prize to be awarded annually to the student who best exhibited the qualities of Casey Plec.

``She was one of those overall super kids`` is how Allan Dornseif, the school`s principal, characterized her. ``High scholastic abilities and high leadership service.``

Sixth graders at Huth School can take honors classes in only three subjects, and Plec was in all three. At a Parent Teacher Organization meeting earlier this year, she was selected to sit on a panel that answered questions from parents. She was a member of the student council.

``There are not a lot of things at the school for 6th graders, but the cream came to the top very quickly,`` Marty Carr, Plec`s English teacher said of her student. ``She is one of those kids who always has a smile, and yet she is a challenger. She is not afraid to argue for something.``

The praises also came from her peers. To help deal with the tragedy, they wrote about their friend Tuesday. Their compositions kept coming back to the same points: how Casey would stick up for them, how she would intervene to settle arguments between two friends.

so 12 year old girls both high achievers both died in tragic accidents. Casey Plec has been dead since May 26, 1986

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Georgia Elizabeth "Simi" Goodwin 1, Megan Bennig 16, Danielle Hobson, 18,

Post by redpill on Sun Oct 15, 2017 9:15 am

Georgia Elizabeth "Simi" Goodwin 1
June 25, 2010 - July 13, 2011
Columbia, South Carolina

Georgia Elizabeth "Simi" Goodwin 1  leukemia

family wrote:“I’ve learned how to pray by praying faithfully for Simi.”

But in the end it was apparently not God’s will to heal our Simi this side of the grave. On Wednesday, July 13th at 8:55 in the morning, she passed gently from this world to the next. For the better part of her last week and a half, little Simi had decided that only Daddy would do.

For reasons we do not understand, God had given us a most unusual baby… a most unusual baby who would only be with us for a short time.

But we have realized that there are many things about this which we do not understand:

– What it means to live in a world where she is not present.

– Why the Lord saw it fit to give us this dear child for only a year and 19 days.

– Why God, in Christ, would use our daughter, our Simi, to capture the heart of so many thousands.

– Why God would have moved so many to pray and yet not heal her.

However, we do know more about the family of God than ever before. We have seen His church stand unified before the Throne of Grace and beseech the heavens on our behalf. People from diverse denominations whose members often have little to do with others outside of their group came together to pray for a little girl whom many had never actually met. We are humbled and amazed at such an outpouring. We cannot understand it.

We echo David’s words in 2 Samuel 7:18, “Who am I, Sovereign Lord, and what is my family, that you have brought me this far?” Who are we? Who is Simi?

But it is the Lord who moves His people to pray. Although many began to pray only for Simi’s healing, once they were laying this burden before the Lord He brought many other things to their mind. People’s prayer life changed. Simi never learned to speak more than half a dozen words. But her life spoke to so many. Her short life affected more than many people can affect in a long life. How many adults do you know who mobilized God’s people to pray faithfully day after day after week after month? This small child’s life was large.

We miss Simi. Although we are only now learning what life is like without her, we already know it’s hard. We miss her dimpled smiles, her pat-pats, her silly-face. We miss holding her, rocking her, singing to her, watching her play and sleep. There are so many things she could have done in her life if she had had more time with us. It is hard to be happy that our child is in the eternal, when we are left behind in the earthly.

Simi’s Aunt Susan wrote up a short poem about Simi’s Baby Bucket List. It goes like this:

Baby Bucket List

Play in the bathtub
Sit in the grass and watch a beetle
Eat ice cream.

Dance with my sisters
Play with mom’s makeup
Braid my cousins’ hair.

Make a castle with Baby Einstein’s turtle
Swim with dolphins
Be a mermaid in the sand.

Throw out the first pitch at a Braves’ game
Fly an F-14 Tomcat
Visit outer space.

Sleep on daddy’s chest
Hear mommy’s breath in my ear
Meet Jesus.

Hello, Jesus. Pat-pat.

And that is the important part. Simi is in heaven. We don’t grieve as those who have no hope of the resurrection. We know we will see her again someday when the Lord calls us home. We know that as much as she loved her life here, her friends, her sisters, her Mommy, her Daddy. She knows a joy beyond comprehension now, for she sees her Savior face to face. someone who was raised both in a catholic elementary school and a fundamentalist evangelical church, who read the bible and noticed all the killing going on, and who has read atheist literature like marshall brain why doesntgodhealamputees, i'm thinking that perhaps there is no god. god doesn't answer prayers bc god doesn't exist. god is imaginary. but i'd still pray in case there is one. anyhow if you pray and your child dies anyway, you're not alone. lots of dying children's prayers went unanswered and died anyway. two of my classmates in elementary school died of leukemia however they weren't all that religious, one was more into baseball than jesus. the other was into social things, than church. but they died.

Megan Bennig 16

Megan Bennig 16, died Wednesday afternoon Oct 11, 2017 car crash

star tr wrote:
16-year-old girl was killed in a two-vehicle crash Wednesday afternoon, the St. Croix County Sheriff's Office said.

Megan Bennig of New Richmond, Wis., was driving southbound on 140th Street when she entered the intersection at County Road G shortly after 3 p.m. and was struck by a semitrailer truck, St. Croix County Sheriff Scott Knudson said.

The crash occurred when a semitrailer collided with the 2001 Toyota Corolla Megan Bennig was driving at the intersection of County Road G and 140th Avenue shortly after school let out Wednesday, the St. Croix County Sheriff's Office says.

not clear who is at fault, whether Megan or semitruck had right of way at the intersection.

worth respecting that at intersections, there's risk of a lethal collision

Danielle Hobson, 18,

Danielle Hobson, 18, was driving her Ford Ka on Tuesday when she began experiencing difficulties but managed to pull her car over. she died Tuesday sept, 2017

the sun wrote:
Teenager died at the wheel of her car from an undetected heart condition just a week before starting university
Danielle Hobson was driving her Ford Ka near home in Cowes on the Isle of Wight on Tuesday when she began experiencing difficulties.

A TEENAGE girl has died of an undiagnosed heart condition just a week before starting university.

Danielle Hobson, 18, was driving her Ford Ka on Tuesday when she began experiencing difficulties but managed to pull her car over.

Danielle Hobson died after suffering from an undiagnosed heart condition on Tuesday
She came to a stop in front of a house ten minutes from her home in Cowes on the Isle of Wight.

When the owner of the property returned from walking his dog, he found Miss Hobson slumped in the seat of her car.

Despite efforts by him and other neighbours, and paramedics, they were unable to resuscitate her.
The 18-year-old was due to start studying childcare at the University of Winchester next week
Her mother Brigitte, 52, revealed her daughter was due to start studying childcare at the University of Winchester next week.

Mrs Hobson said hospital tests revealed her daughter had suffered a mitral valve prolapse, where a valve in the heart does not close properly and restricts blood flow.

She said: "Danielle was always so healthy - she loved to keep busy but had no idea about this heart condition.

"I always used to take a cup of coffee in to her each morning before I left for work and I did that on Tuesday morning.

"She was fine when I spoke to her - really happy. Danielle called me then a little while later to tell me that it was payday for her and to let me know how much money she had in her account.

Danielle celebrated her 16th birthday with a skydive
"She was saving up ready to move to Winchester for university - she would have started next week, studying childcare.

"After she spoke to me, she went out in her car, a little Ford Ka which she had saved up for and bought herself.

"As I understand it, she had been able to pull over but she blocked the driveway of a house.

"It all must have been very quick because if it hadn't been she would have called me if she felt ill - she called me all the time.

"When the man whose house she had blocked returned from walking his dog, he noticed the car and went to speak to his neighbours.
She died 10 minutes away from her home in Cowes on the Isle of Wight
"They came to the car and that was when they saw her at the wheel.

"They called an ambulance and tried to do CPR on her, but they were unable to save her."

The teenager, who worked in an arcade throughout the summer to save up for her move to university, had otherwise been healthy and active before her death.

Her mother said she had enjoyed scuba diving on a family holiday in Cyprus, had swam with dolphins in Florida, and had celebrated her 16th birthday by doing a skydive.

Mrs Hobson, a shop assistant, said: "She hated sitting around not doing anything - she wouldn't just sit at her computer, she always wanted to be doing something.

"She could be very stubborn, but was a happy go lucky girl and whatever she put her mind to doing she was determined to do.

"The hospital are doing more tests now to find out more about the condition and whether it may also affect my other daughter, Shannon, who is 20."

Mrs Hobson said hospital tests revealed her daughter had suffered a mitral valve prolapse, where a valve in the heart does not close properly and restricts blood flow.

pale pale pale pale

should i be tested for  mitral valve prolapse

mystic just 18 years from time of birth when mitral valve prolapse ended her time in the world of the living Tuesday oct 10, 2017. just 2 months and a week from the Dec 15, 2017 Last Jedi, sadly i cannot get the opening day tickets and maybe i'll die of mitral valve prolapse before i get a chance to watch it to. Suspect

Danielle celebrated her 16th birthday with a skydive
"She was saving up ready to move to Winchester for university - she would have started next week, studying childcare.

Australian Survivor Michelle Dougan was a nanny and delivered one of the best throw Ben under the bus at tribal i've ever seen at Tribal. And she wan a huge SUV.  

she was 33 at the time survivor was filmed.

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Sadie Andrews, 3 Talya Benzinger 3

Post by redpill on Mon Oct 16, 2017 8:53 am

Sadie Andrews, 3

Sadie Andrews, 3 has died after falling into a grease trap near Bruster’s Real Ice Cream on East University Drive in Auburn, Ala  Saturday afternoon OCTOBER 14, 2017

A three-year-old girl has died after falling into a grease trap near Bruster’s Real Ice Cream on East University Drive in Auburn, Ala.

A report from Lee County Coroner Bill Harris says Auburn police received a 911 call around 1 p.m. Saturday about a missing child at Bruster’s.

Upon arriving at the scene, officers found CPR being performed on a three-year-old girl. The child was rushed by ambulance to East Alabama Medical Center in Opelika, Ala. where she was pronounced dead at 1:28 p.m. in the emergency room.

Video evidence from the scene shows the girl was playing with two of her siblings when she apparently fell through a lid covering one of the grease traps on the property.
She was missing for 5-10 minutes when she was found unresponsive in the trap.

CPR was begun by family and employees of Bruster’s.

No foul play is suspected.

The death investigation indicates she drowned in sludge that was ina six-foot- deep container.

just 3 years when it all ended. a video game i played in the 80s on the atari 2600 was pitfall harrry. essentially Sadie died from a pitfall trap. this is about as random an event as they come. it seems to me death like this is more a random event than a divine plan god has in mind, like the story of job.  
obviously a lawsuit will be issued i'm sure there will be an out of court settlement.

i wonder what other traps pitfalls or other hazards are out there. maybe i will die when a sink hole opens up and swallows me whole, suffocating me.

Talya Benzinger 3

Talya Benzinger 3 the Kneeland toddler who was hospitalized after a nearly drowning at Shasta Lake last month — has died Friday evening oct 13, 2017

On Saturday, 9-23- 2017, at 2121 hours, the Shasta County Sheriff’s Boating Safety unit received a call of a possible drowning at Bridge Bay Marina #3 on Lake Shasta. A three-year- old female juvenile was reported missing from a houseboat parked at the dock.

Mark Benzinger and his family from Kneeland, CA, were visiting Justin Sheaff and his family and staying on Sheaff’s houseboat at Bridge Bay Marina. They had just finished dinner, were cleaning up dinner, and Benzinger’s children were getting ready for bed. After a couple minutes went by, Benzinger’s three-year-old daughter could not be found. When they realized she was missing, they checked the houseboat, the dock and other houseboats moored at the dock, but did not locate her. They found the juvenile’s tooth brush floating in the water near the rear of the houseboat.

The Shasta County Sheriff’s Office, Cal Fire, Shasta County Fire and Medical units responded to the scene.

Sheaff remembered a neighboring houseboat had scuba diving gear on it. He was able to get the gear and attempted to dive and look for the missing juvenile. He had difficulty with the gear and submerging. Benzinger put the scuba gear on and was able to go to the bottom of the lake. He located his daughter in approximately 70 feet of water and brought her to the surface.

Cal Fire, Shasta County Fire and the Medical unit were on scene when the juvenile was located and brought to the surface. They started life-saving efforts right away. The juvenile was then transported to Mercy Hospital for treatment. The juvenile has since been flown to UC Davis Medical Center for treatment.

The juvenile was not wearing a life jacket in this incident and was not required to per the law; however, the Sheriff’s Office Boating Safety Unit would like to encourage people recreating on or near the water to wear a life jacket.

3 years and she is gone 4ever

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Mariah Kohn 19 Caitlyn Parry 3 Maya Grace Collins 14 Lacey Holsworth 8 Hope Collings 23 Cheyanne Young 16

Post by redpill on Tue Oct 17, 2017 11:53 am

Mariah Kohn 19

. A car struck Kohn, then 19, while she was lying facedown in the road across M-46 near Edgar Road in the early morning hours of July 6, 2012

Kohn’s family brought forth a civil lawsuit against the Schutters, against Kohn’s boyfriend, Bert Dore, for allegedly supplying her with alcohol, and against the State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company.

According to court documents filed by the Schutters’ attorney, Thomas Waggoner of St. Joseph, Kohn was found to have blood alcohol content of 0.208 percent in her system. In the hours leading up to her death, Kohn was seen drinking alcohol throughout the night and displaying mental and physical signs of extreme intoxication, including crying, falling down, slurred speech and talking about suicide by lying in the road and waiting to be hit by a car.

safety intoxication can cause bad judgments.

Caitlyn Parry 3

Caitlyn Parry died after an operation to remove a Wilms kidney tumour in 2010

Caitlyn Parry (pictured), three, died after her arteries were cut during an operation to remove a cancerous tumour in March 2010

Maya Grace Collins 14
September 12, 2003 - October 2, 2017

Diagnosed at the young age of 7 with Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML), she courageously battled this disease three times over the past 6

Lacey Holsworth 8

Wednesday, Apr 9, 2014 Lacey Holsworth's family announced the girl had succumbed to neuroblastoma, a cancer that begins in immature nerve cells.

Hope Collings 23

Hope Collings, 23, of Christchurch died on Tuesday, Oct 10, 2017 after a long battle with acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

cancer is bad stuff.

i pray to the universe to keep me and my love ones cancer free. i actually prefer not to kill animals when i drive and i will stop for animals cause i'm worried killing animals when i drive and turning them into road kill might result in bad karma which might result in me getting cancer down the road. not saying these white flowers had bad karma. only myself.

Cheyanne Young 16
8/2/2001 - 10/14/2017

Cheyanne "Bird" Nicole Young of Ephrata, Washington. Cheyanne was born on August 2, 2001 in Wenatchee and passed on Saturday October 14, 2017.  ATV

The Okanogan County Sheriff's Office confirms that the girl killed in Saturday's ATV crash near Tonasket was 16-year old Cheyanne Young of Ephrata. Okanogan County Coroner Dave Rodriguez said young died of head injuries caused by the ATV rolling onto her during the crash. Young was wearing a helmet at the time of the crash. Okanogan County officials also confirm that the victim's brother, who was riding on the back of the ATV, sustained minor injuries and was released from the hospital the day of the crash. An autopsy on the exact cause of death is pending out of Ferry County where the girl was pronounced dead.

i'm sticking to golf carts on flat courses.

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Layla Davis 4 Christie Marceau 18

Post by redpill on Thu Oct 19, 2017 9:26 am

Layla Davis 4

Layla Davis 4 girl died from complications just three weeks after undergoing a heart transplant at a Newcastle hospital  October 2016

Christie Marceau 18

Marceau was killed in her home on November 7, 2011 by Akshay Chand. Prior to her death, Chand had been arrested for kidnapping and threatening her with a knife. born April 16 1993

safety i always make sure my doors are locked. i don't open my door to strangers when they knock.

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Megan Scott 15

Post by redpill on Thu Oct 19, 2017 10:21 pm

Megan Scott 15

Megan Scott 15 who died 'after being hit by car then bus' while crossing dual carriageway At around 5.50pm on Wednesday, October 19, 2017 police received a report of a pedestrian being struck by a car on the A749 near to the Whirlies roundabout.

Megan Scott was crossing the A794 Kingsway near Whirlies Roundabout when she was hit by a black VW Scirocco.
The 18-year-old driver of the car was unhurt.
The incident took place at 17:45 on Wednesday. Emergency services attended but the girl was pronounced dead at the scene.
mirror wrote:
A 15-year-old girl has died after being hit by a car and a bus while trying to cross a busy dual carriageway.

Stunned friends of Megan Scott have paid tribute to the teenager following her sudden death.

Megan was trying to cross the A749 in East Kilbride, in Lanarkshire, when the tragedy happened, the Daily Record reports.

She is believed to have been hit by a bus after being struck by a car.

Emergency services raced to the scene and the road was closed shortly before 6pm yesterday as medical staff desperately tried to save her by the roadside.But sadly Megan, of East Kilbride, lost her fight for life and passed away from her injuries a short while later.

Devastated friends have taken to social media to pass on their condolences to her heartbroken family and pay tribute to her.

Jessica Smith said: "Rest in peace the beautiful Megan Scott. You were such a beautiful girl inside and out, did not deserve this at all. My hopes and prayers go out for your family and friends, rest in peace."

Caroline Murphy added: "Rest in peace Megan Scott, life is too short and we should never take anything for granted!

Tonight heaven has gained a beautiful angel."

The tragedy happened on the A749 in East Kilbride, in Lanarkshire (Image: Google Maps)

if you or i were there, would we see the car approaching? or she distracted by say texting on iphone? or was she careful but the driver was careless?

safety any time you cross a road you can be struck and instantly killed by a car. did she not see the car or was it the car's fault?

just 15 years since her birth when on  5.50pm on Wednesday, October 19, 2017 at  A749 in East Kilbride, in Lanarkshire marks precise time and place her stay on earth comes to an abrupt end.

will i be struck and killed as a pedestrian crossing the street by a vehicle? what can i do as a pedestrian to avoid being struck by a car and killed? one thing is i'm not texting on an iphone. and only in daylight in good visibility, those Megan was killed 5:50pm.

Megan Scott 15 died  5.50pm on Wednesday, October 19, 2017, whereas the Last Jedi will be shown on Dec 15, 2017, although i wasn't able to get opening day tickets pale will i die before i get a chance to watch the Last Jedi? atheists say there's no afterlife, so if i do die before Last Jedi, i won't as a ghost or spirit be able to walk into a theater and watch it, should I die premature.

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Re: safety lessons & mystic reflections on life and death of the white flowers

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