aleena the cleric comes to life as Brynne Lawson and Akiane Kramarik

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aleena the cleric comes to life as Brynne Lawson and Akiane Kramarik

Post by redpill on Sun Jul 24, 2016 1:31 am

back in the day i owned and played

while i strongly preferred the simplicity and ease of basic D&D most of my peers though actually played


i loved my

one of the most popular must have was

and of course i watched

and played

on my

d&d basic introduced me to aleena the cleric

" />

aleena was killed by a magic missle shot by bargle the evil wizard No

but i remember thinking, wow, aleena was one fine looking cleric.

in d&d clerics had actual divine powers. they can perform genuine healing and cures. for example,
aleena the cleric can engage in prayer and cure this christian

from the brain eating amoeba via cure disease

and raise from the dead

the actual spells/healings/prayers/miracles Aleena can perform all derive from the gospel miracle of

clerics are the only class that can do this. fighters, wizards, thieves, ninjas, if injured or killed, cannot be healed except through clerics, or magic potions, scrolls staffs, wands. wizards can perform an amazing array of highly dangerous spells, but they cannot heal nor cure disease nor raise from the dead.

clerics are also the only class than can turn undead, which again is modelled after the NT Jesus.

flesh and blood undead skeletons, zombies ghouls mummies vampires wights would give vikings, samurai, knights, rangers theives and even wizards a tough fight.

incorporal undead like spectres banshees ghosts poltergeists wraiths shadows would easily defeat them, as their weapons would simply go through them. even wizards with fireball and lightening bolt spells would not harm them. it would just pass through them

a christian cleric would raise a cross and say something like "by the powers invested in me through our lord and savior jesus christ, vile creature from hell begone!" and the undead monsters would either distinguishable or flee or simply disappear. no need to machette a zombie. it would be a pile of dust. and ghosts and poltergeists can be made to go poof.

so yeah if you have a ghost problem, or ghouls, or zombies skeletons vampires spectres poltergeist, liches, wights wraiths mummies, shadows, banshees demons devils only clerics can expel them by merely holding a cross.

lawful good clerics can also summon angels to fight for you, esp useful against demons and devils. angels are some of the most powerful entities in dungeons and dragons

in dungeons and dragons, prayers lead to miracles that result in genuine healing from injury, disease, poison and death. and clerics are the masters of divine power.

what if aleena was a real perosn?

there are 2 smoking hot chicks that i imagine aleena to be like if this were real

the first is brynne lawson

that is one fine slender long legged freckled face ginger I love you I love you I love you

reminds me of another long legged freckled face ginger who turned to the drug side  I love you  I love you  I love you

Brynne Lawson like Aleena the cleric uses the cross to heal victims of demonic possession and uses it to turn, that is to say, repel ghosts and demons from haunted homes.

her voice, her smile her smoking hot .... hands  I love you  I love you  I love you
she can exorcise me of my demons anytime  I love you  I love you  I love you  I love you

the other famous chick in pop culture that i can compare aleena to is
Akiane Kramarik, who is nearly same age. her parents were avowed atheists. but when Akiane Kramarik was 4 years old, she started talking and claimed she met and talks to this guy

her parents intended to raise her atheist, but at such a young age, she managed to convince her parents to become "christians"

her actual beliefs are more new-age than fundamentalist christian. she does not subscribe to fundamentalist beliefs about hell, satan, the devil, and other christians have told her her visions come from the devil, satan. such lovely people.

Brynne Lawson and Akiane Kramarik are almost the same exact age. both smoking hot. imagine putting these 2 together. you know, to talk about jesus. maybe more  Embarassed

i wonder what kind of conversations Brynne Lawson and Akiane Kramarik would have if you could somehow bring those 2 together. Brynne is not shy about talking about satan and his demons. Akiane likes to talk about heaven and the angels.

the Aleena the cleric  goes to .... a tie Brynne Lawson and Akiane Kramarik  both capture aspects of Aleena.

Brynne does the exorcism and turn undead Aleena does. Akaine has the sort of soft spoken mystical vision of Aleena.

this guy

is a pimp

both hot. i wonder if i can get them to play dungeons and dragons with me  Embarassed  Embarassed
i could be jesus and Brynne Lawson and Akiane Kramarik could be my mary magdaleine  Razz  Embarassed  Smile

honorable mentions

19 year old  Brooke Carol Wilberger

Paige van Zant

16 year old Erica Montague

Marlise Saige Hamblin

grace abbott

Thirteen-year-old Gracie Abbott is already sorely missed at Maddox Middle School in Jasper. Abbott died Easter Sunday after she was injured in an ATV accident.

She was riding the ATV with her cousins when it flipped and threw her off. The principal and teachers at Maddox Middle shared the news of her death with the school first thing on Monday morning.

"You know Gracie is just that special, special young lady, very happy, a lot of friends, always smiling, always looking for some kind of mischief to get into. But also a very Christian young lady, she really loved the Lord, she didn't mind expressing that to administrators and students," Maddox Middle principal Patsy Stricklin said.

Strickline said Gracie truly loved life, was very athletic, was a star volleyball player and an excellent student who also loved to have fun. She said her laughter was infectious.


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