Bigfoot "erotica" something even i would have never imagined

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Bigfoot "erotica" something even i would have never imagined Empty Bigfoot "erotica" something even i would have never imagined

Post by redpill on Fri Aug 03, 2018 5:09 pm

Fri Aug 03, 2018

when i was a kid i saw either in search of by leonard nimoy or unsolved mysteries and i saw for the first time the famous peterson-gimlin film which i thought proved bigfoot was real.

i now know a lot of skeptics think it's a guy in a monkey costume

in the news, there's this

Bigfoot "erotica" something even i would have never imagined 4a-rig10

In Virginia, a heated race is currently on for the 5th Congressional District’s House of Representatives seat. This week, that already hot race got one heck of a lot steamier in the worst way possible. Over the weekend, Democratic candidate Leslie Cockburn publicly accused her Republican rival, Denver Riggleman, of being “a devotee of Bigfoot erotica.”Politicians making up outlandish claims about their rivals is nothing new. There’s a great old story about Lyndon Johnson spreading rumors that one of his opponents liked his hogs just a little too much. What’s different is that Cockburn apparently had some evidence to back up her claim. Riggleman’s Instagram feed included a picture he’d posted of his own head photoshopped onto the body of a Bigfoot with an enormous wang.While Riggleman really is a Bigfoot fan, he strenuously denies Cockburn’s allegations.[7]

the news article,

republican Denver Riggleman pictured above admits he's been long fascinated with bigfoot, sort of like me, and he even photoshopped his head on the body of a bigfoot and posted on his instagram

his democratic rival Leslie Cockburn claimed republican Denver Riggleman was into bigfoot erotica

the news articles then explain,

bigfoot erotica consists of written stories, similar to slash, involving typically heterosexual women imagine sexual encounter with bigfoot in the forest, with a big emphasis on bigfoot penis size.

it's pure fantasy like vampires and werewolves which made Twilight popular.

as a kid i'd never even imagine wanting to have sex with a bigfoot, just eww.

at this point August 2018 i'm kinda skeptical bigfoot actually exists. such a creature would need food shelter and there's no evidence of that.

it might be possible to sample DNA and find non-human primate DNA on say bigfoot prints or hair. previous DNA studies show they were mostly bear.

many skeptics have stated that "real" bigfoot sightings are just identification of bears and DNA studies of bigfoot hair shows them to be bears

part of my fascination with bigfoot is it's part of something bigger, that bigger being ufo's atlantis past life experiences near death experiences angels, miracle healings, loch ness, bermuda triangle, even stories of angels demons and haunted homes

i used to watch unsolved mysteries, where dana point jane doe was featured i saw that episode, to monsterquest and finding bigfoot and ancient aliens

in one episode of finding bigfoot the last season in wisconsin, there were 2 young girls who said they saw bigfoot 2 years prior to the show, AND they took photos of bigfoot prints to "prove it" so they were like 10 and 12 when it happened.

Sisters Alaina and Addalynn Kawleski

Bigfoot "erotica" something even i would have never imagined 382be710

their story definitely reminds me of 10,000 feat twilight zone episode where william shatner asserted to a skeptical audience there's a man on the plane, damaging the wings, but everytime he got people to look it disappeared.

many american indians interviewed on bigfoot documentaries have suggested bigfoot, who was always part of their tribal traditions, is a paranormal creature. an entity, a forest spirit

republican Denver Riggleman who is running for office Virginia, a heated race is currently on for the 5th Congressional District’s House of Representatives seat is taking a huge risk as coming out as a bigfoot believer.
some voters might think he's a nutjob and vote for the democrat rival

i don't really believe in bigfoot anymore i have gone camping with a group of college student in the deep woods and it's fun to mention him and talk about him, kinda like ghost stories

on youtube there are people who post their deep woods experience and some youtube commentator will say did you see bigfoot?

but if bigfoot really does exist it'd be interesting to read all the science on bigfoot, from where it belongs in human evolution to its diet
and how popular culture would be affected

after all back in the 90s i ordered bigfoot pizza from pizza hut.

and we humans wouldn't be alone and all talk about bigfoot rights.

would bigfoot have rights? would it have to pay taxes?

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