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My story - I got the first dose of the Pfizer COVID vaccine today & marcionite church

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My story - I got the first dose of the Pfizer COVID vaccine today & marcionite church Empty My story - I got the first dose of the Pfizer COVID vaccine today & marcionite church

Post by redpill Tue Apr 13, 2021 10:28 pm

Tue Apr 13, 2021 9:52 pm

I wanted to get the COVID19 vaccine for myself and my mother for quite some time.

the Marcionite church based on the teachings of Marcion has called COVID a hoax and states Marcionites should not take the COVID vaccine which strikes me as far out of left field. Typically churches take positions on abortion and homosexuality, and the Jehovah Witness blood transfusion, and alcohol, smoking and drug use. but they cite passages from the Bible to support their position, for example abortion violates the 10 commandments thou shalt not kill.

I am sympathetic with the Marcion church in ditching the Old Testament, as the Old Testament is not for kids and not family friendly, but taking a position on COVID strikes me as sort of cult like. As a kid I was hopsitalized for pneumonia and I struggle with flu like pneumonia for nearly every year of my life except 2020. wearing a mask helped

I have struggled with flu and pneumonia so I have no doubt getting COVID would be a highly dangerous situation for me. My view of the COVID vaccine is the opposite of the Marcionite church, not only do I want this, but I want all 3 kinds, the Pfizer Moderna and Johnson and Johnson, though I probably will be billed. My arm is really sore right now.

If i get billed $10 okay but some vaccines are like $194 like the hepatitis B vaccine, or even more expensive. my mom's insurance copay for hep A vaccine and shingles is $47, and its out of pocket cost is like $200 and she need 2 shots, i think. yearly flu shots are free for her.

One of my neighbors refuses to get the COVID shot, so apparently she agrees with the Marcionite church.

When the vaccine became available I believe Dec 2020 my state had a phase 1a, 1b and phase 2 and phase 3. Roughly only health care workers and elderly in long term nursing qualify in phase 1a, then critical infrastructure for phase 1b, phase 2 includes the elderly.

In early months of 2021, from Jan to March, I do not qualify under phase 1a, 1b, phase 2. My mom being elderly qualified under phase 2.

however, only a few locations had this vaccine, and those locations were far from where I live, by far I mean like 15+ miles or so, and with long lines. news reports show long lines of people in Jan and Feb waiting to get the vaccine, though I imagine doctors didn't have to wait in line.

I asked my mother's family internist and he said he already got it by Jan 2021 as did all the staff.

I thought if I get my mom in Jan-March 2021 the COVID19 vaccine I have to drive a long distance, mostly in local traffic, and wait long lines. One issue I am concerned about is my mom urinating while waiting in line, she does this. affraid

of course every day I delay I am taking a risk of contracting COVID19, for myself and my mother.

What I would like is to be COVID free until I take the COVID19 vaccine close to where I live with no waiting in line. I also want to take it at the same time as my mother to make things simple.

I got what I wanted.

Last Friday April 9, my state entered phase 3 everyone over 16 can receive the vaccine.

I originally signed up with 1 pharmacy for the Johnson and Johnson single shot vaccine, but this morning I got an email stating it was cancelled. apparently it causes blood clots in some women.

So I was able to sign up at another pharmacy the Pfizer 2-dose vaccine, and for myself and my mother, in a pharmacy really close to where I live. Literally 2 miles from my home.

When I arrived, all the handicap parking was full, but immediately 1 person pulled out just as I was pulling in, and it was the handicap parking closest to where the store entrance is.

I entered the store with my mom, and I spoke to the pharm tech to register.

I only waited for like 2 minutes when my mom was called first then me. one issue was when the pharmacist injected my mom in the left shoulder she shouted and then trashed, and I held her down. potentially dangerous because she could have broken the needle but she didn't. everyone waiting heard it.

she bleed quite a bit from the injection so I was a bit worried but the pharmacist said that's normal.

I got an injection, for me it wasn't painful though I did feel the needle insertion.

I didn't have to wait at all, I didn't have parking issues, no line, no wait for the vaccine shot, and I was able to get it the same time as my mother.

I scheduled for 1 month from now May 4, 2021 same time 11am. My arm is really sore right now. I was going to hit the gym to weight train but right now my arm is really sore.

So in about 2 weeks I read that I will be about 80% protected.

about 2-4 weeks after the second shot I should be about 95% protected.

Given I don't have flu this season I think I still plan to wear a mask in public places forever.

I kinda want the other 2 vaccines, the J&J and Moderna as a kind of "booster" shot.

overall I am feeling somewhat happy, as I avoided long lines, long wait times, long distant drives to get the COVID vaccine, and thus far I have dodged the virus, though there are some 100,000 confirmed cases and 800+ deaths in my county.

so I have to dodge the COVID virus another 2 weeks before my immune system produces protective antibodies


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